New MWEB uncapped ADSL gaming performance explained

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MWEB has introduced new throttled uncapped 2Mbps and 4Mbps ADSL products, saying that gaming traffic still receives the highest priority on these services. However, a rolling 30-day usage threshold policy will be applied, potentially affecting gaming performance.

Derek Hershaw MWEB ISP CEO

Derek Hershaw: MWEB ISP CEO

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB ISP, said they will maintain a fair service for all their subscribers, by implementing throttling on high usage users where applicable (throttled speeds: 2Mbps down to 192Kbps; 4Mbps down to 256Kbps).

“We will monitor usage across these products and reserve the right to throttle the connection speeds of the top percentage of subscribers on these products that generate usage above the average,” said Hershaw.

Hershaw added that their new uncapped ADSL products are also shaped, meaning that certain internet activities, like e-mail and web browsing, will be prioritized over bandwidth intensive services, like P2P and torrents during peak network conditions.

This raises the question of how these new shaped products will impact users’ intent on gaming over the MWEB service.

MWEB Uncapped gaming performance

Desmond Kurz, MWEB Online Gaming Manager, explained that gaming traffic service levels will get the same priority as MWEB’s current Premium Uncapped products. “Importantly for our gaming customers, it means that gaming traffic will continue to receive the highest priority on the network,” said Kurz.

Desmond Kurz MWEB Gaming Manager

Desmond Kurz: MWEB Online Gaming Manager

As such, gaming traffic will not be classed as bandwidth intensive during peak network usage periods, and will not be shaped during these periods.

Kurz said that if a user has been throttled due to exceeding high-usage thresholds, then their connection speed will be throttled in accordance with MWEB’s rolling 30-day threshold network management policies. This may affect gaming experiences that demand high bandwidth throughput.

Large files pulled from MWEB’s content servers (such as Steam and GamersGate) will count toward the overall usage assessment for the user, Kurz confirmed. “Using our rolling 30-day threshold model, once-off large downloads like this should not really cause a problem,” said Kurz.

Below is an outline of the pricing on MWEB’s new throttled uncapped products.

Product Data Only Price Data plus ADSL line price
Up to 1Mbps Premium Uncapped ADSL (unthrottled) R199 p/m R339 p/m
Up to 2Mbps Uncapped ADSL (throttled) R239 p/m R449 p/m
Up to 4Mbps Uncapped ADSL (throttled) R359 p/m R689 p/m

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  • This is so sad and is why I don’t use MWEB. They talk a lot about great service and “upgrading our internet” (TV ad), but in reality they take a Telkom service and throttle & shape it to death so you can’t do anything except browse.

    The common cry in-game is “Look at my ping!” and the usual answer is “You using Mweb? … Yep”

  • AcidRaZor

    Their service is superior to anyone I’ve used. I think the “reason” you don’t use them is because you’d much rather be stuck with sub-par gaming latency/response and pay R20 cheaper than have a product that works and is stable all the time.

    IMO, the only thing that’s keeping me from taking on of these new MWEB accounts is that they don’t publish what the 30day rolling period threshold is. I only do about 90gb a month, maybe 140gb if I really want to.

  • BluStorm

    Been with MWeb for many years now. Haven’t really had an issue with them. My gaming performance, in general, is better than most other people I play against. I suppose it depends on what servers you connect to.

    I’m still not sure why everyone is so upset with this new product of theirs. They’re offering a “low” cost product, aimed at people who won’t abuse the service, but if for some reason someone does try to, those people will be affected.

    The Premium service is aimed at the people who want to use it lots (I’m using about 150GB per month), but then you pay for the premium. If you want to pay less, you can’t always expect the best.

    As an example, I recently moved from MTN to CellC. I firmly believe MTN’s network is superior, but I came to the conclusion it’s not 3x better, so I’m compromising, and paying less.

  • qwertydudeza

    Well I guess if gaming is such an important thing to international service then an unshapped might be best. But out of all the Providers, MWeb Premium uncapped it still the best. Even beats Telkom’s new uncapped.

  • Johan du Preez

    Mweb Uncapped isnt even in the same league as Openweb’s uncap. Openweb does not have FUP you can download as much as you can get. International latency is better than mweb as well.

  • CrzWaco

    Have been with IS before and they had this 30day rollover and it was just bad when ever you email them they always say you have been throttled.

  • Of course they aren’t going to tell you what the threshold is. If they did, they would have to provide it, which they don’t want to do. Their profit is in withholding bandwidth so they can sell it to others/businesses, not providing it.

  • AcidRaZor

    Really? THAT’s their profit? What about Web Africa who did it from inception of their uncapped products? It’s been YEARS since MWEB didn’t do that and now they bring out CHEAPER products in response to the industry price cuts, but have to introduce a rolling window to be able to make it profitable. Hell, even IS has the throttling in place

  • okuhle94

    Holy crap, 2Mbps gets throttled to 192kbps, and 4Mbps gets throttled to 256kbps. That is crazy!!!

  • Blue1

    I am a current 1meg Mweb client and was interested in the new 2meg package. Called the sales department today and the sales guy confirmed that the top usage clients will be throttled irrespective of usage. His example, you use 25 gig and you are in the top you will get throttled. So if everyone taking up that offer is seriously low users I will get throttled even though in the normal uncappped terms I am a light to medium user. Also now they confirm steam downloads also counts. No longer interested!

  • Thats it! Time for a new ISP! Cheers MWEB!

  • You do realize this is for the new cheaper uncapped products they introduced? Its cheaper for a reason… The previous uncapped products are unchanged.

  • WA actually deny its new ADSL has a rolling window. A star system similar to the Axxess one in fact. Not that I think that’s ideal. All these companies offer the same. Some shape all the time (Mweb), others give you good speed until you reach a threshold (IS, Axxess, WA). Ultimately it ends up being a resale of a SAIX-type product that has limitations imposed in order to sell it cheaper and maximise profit.

  • OpenWeb is expensive. You get what you pay for. BTW AcidRazor used to raise hell with WebAfrica as a customer, and is now an Mweb brand advocate of epic proportions 🙂

  • Telkom ISP used to say they were going to do this as well, but I see they now have removed it or improved it. Bit behind there I think.

  • Hmm Desmond, any update for us on the use of proxy servers for big game updates?


    I’m with afrihost and the network has gone for a ball of kak , I bet you now your buddy will not be downloading 400gb with the new policies download speeds have dropped from 400kb to 60kb during the day

  • why not just switch the p2p off for the high usage clients then at least they should not be able to download but at least still be able to enjoy the online gaming. Or put a restriction on the p2p only allowing between 4 or 8 hour usage on p2p per day.

New MWEB uncapped ADSL gaming performance explained

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