DayZ standalone first look

Project leader David “Rocket” Hall and production assistant Matt Lightfoot give a preview of the long-awaited standalone version of the super-popular ARMA 2 mod, DayZ.

The video released is part of a dev blog that the team is working on, and shows off the game’s revamped menu system, and also reveals that a new clothing and a reworked loot spawn system are included.

The new loot spawn system can generate loot in some interesting nooks and crannies, and requires players to really look and traverse around to gather the resources they need.

There are also new locations in the game, particularly an island that featured in ARMA 2, which was highly requested by the community.

The standalone version is still in early development stages and currently has no release date.

Source: DayZ devblog

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  • Koos

    nice , but are you able to jump ?

  • I’m not fond of the amount of camera shake when running! Makes me a bit nauseous 🙁

  • you can turn headbob off

  • I’m fine with headbob, I play BF3 that has some body sway and headbobbing, turning it off seems too mechanical. My problem is with the amount of it that is too much and makes me nauseous. Something the devs can maybe look into as I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

DayZ standalone first look

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