The Witcher 3: first look and screenshots

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been confirmed by CD Projekt Red, and we now have some screenshots of the upcoming action RPG threequel.

The screenshots come courtesy of GameInformer, and reveal some of the more specific details and titbits of the game.

The game world itself is said to be 40 times larger than that in Witcher 2, and 20 times larger than the world of Skyrim; due to this CD Projekt Red has a fast-travel system in place.

The Witcher 3 can follow three paths – the first sees the player working for himself, killing monsters and solving quests, which should take over 100 hours.

The second can see the game take more of a political turn, with players having to devise plans to stop the invasion of the Nilfgaardian.

The third will follow a personal story of Geralt, as he finally regains his memory and goes in search of his lost love.

CD Projekt Red also emphasise that experience is everything, as you’ll have to know your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses in order to defeat them. That said, the developer also wants less of learning curve that was required in the Witcher 2.

The combat and immersion will be highlighted in the Witcher 3, as CD Project Red are emphasising the mechanics.

“The combat system has been highly refined and improved, making it much more responsive,” said CD Project Red.

“The mechanics of The Witcher 3 allow complete player immersion, with no Quick Time Events – only intuitive RPG gameplay.”

Stealth will also play a more central role, as players can distract guards with a hornet’s nest or other objects in the environment.

Players can also customise their own unique Geralt, and even head to the barber to give Geralt a good trimming.

Check out the new screens below:

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  • ShadoWolf

    I love this series, but I’m not sure about this? Why are they making it
    more like Skyrim? If I wanted Skyrim I’ll go buy Skyrim. I enjoyed the
    fact that W1 and 2 were linear with dynamic choices and consequences
    that determined the story.

  • CrzWaco

    Hmm intresting 3 paths to choice from and they say the one path is 100 hours, can’t wait!!!

  • Draco Lusus

    I’m keen on a more open world RPG, less like Skyrim, but still open world. Too bad there won’t be multiplayer 🙁

  • CeeZedCee

    No QTE, Awesome.

  • Zayne

    I’m glad there is no multiplayer. If there was then that would mean less play time on the solo campaign. Still, why multiplayer The Witcher? I don’t see how it could be fun at all.

  • What if gameinformer sued mygaming. I mean clearly these images have watermarks on them. And I’ve seen it happen to other sites that use resources from another site. I’m just trying to get clarification here. Those were exclusive images after all. I’m sure images will be released to the public soon enough without watermarks.

The Witcher 3: first look and screenshots

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