Call of Duty 2013 will “raise the bar even higher”

Activision has said that the next instalment in the Call of Duty franchise will improve upon the standard set by Black Ops 2.

The news came during an Activision financials conference call, where CFO Dennis Durkin spoke about the company’s ambitions for the FPS series.

“The Call of Duty franchise continues to set the bar for innovation and we expect a new Call of Duty game in development for 2013 to raise that bar even higher,” said Durkin.

Durkin also added that the game will fulfil the expected release period of previous Call of Duty games, but did mention that given the state of the market, the forecast will be slightly lower than usual.

“There is increased volatility this year due to the ongoing console transition, which makes predicting the future more challenging than during normal uses in the cycle,” added Durkin. “For Call of Duty, consistent with our past practices, we are planning for the main line release in Q4 to be down versus 2012.”

Given the trend of Call of Duty games, the next instalment should be developed by Infinity Ward, and should fall into the Modern Warfare story arc.

Source:  CVG 

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  • “The Call of Duty franchise continues to set the bar for innovation and we expect a new Call of Duty game in development for 2013 to raise that bar even higher”

    That part made me want to blow chunks

  • Guest

    Me too, what bar? The bar from 2006? hahah

  • TehBrad

    The bar can only go up because the bar for innovation has already hit rock bottom. This is not an achievement.

  • Saint_Dee

    Funny enough, they’re expecting less revenue for the next title.

  • BOP2 made me stop using my xbox… sigh…

  • Almost A Hero

    “The forecast for sales will be slightly lower, but the Call of Duty franchise has always set the bar for innovative prices and we expect a new Call of Duty game in development for 2013 to raise that bar even higher. What’s the bar currently sitting at, peon?”

    “That would be $59.99 dollars, sir.”

    “Well, we can top that. $69.99 is pretty innovative. Hop to it.”

    “But sir, I’ve been holding this bar for so long. I’m so very tired, and I’d really like to check in on my family. Besides, my arms don’t reach that hi-”

    “HOP TO IT.”

  • The Rich

    I absolutely hear you, and I think that in certain respects you make a good point that I agree with. But against all odds, I’m actually really loving Black Ops 2 and honestly, I think it’s one of the best instalments in the whole COD series, it’s as good as or if not better than, Modern Warfare 2 (which I considered to be the best in the series until now).

  • The Rich

    I’m playing it on pc and I must admit, much to my surprise, that I am totally hooked.

  • TehBrad

    That’s exactly why it is pretty good. Because it is Black Ops… it is different to the usual COD franchise… the old, repetitive, stale series.

    I stopped playing COD many years… I lost track… COD 2 maybe?

  • Vorastra

    “Raise the bar even higher”

    But that would imply a standard, we are talking about COD, right ?

  • I haven’t played on PC but I am sure it is way better playing on those local Mweb servers, than Xbox “lag comp” version…

  • BotanicusPopulus

    *cough* another repost *cough* Seriously, the only bar they’re raising is the bar tab of FPS gamers looking for some innovation in a stagnating series =/

  • Saint_Dee

    The only thing that deterred me, was the price (games are getting crazy expensive), maybe one should give it a go eventually…

  • Saint_Dee

    Give this individual a Bell’s xD

  • Shaun

    Black Ops 2 set the standard? Wow, must have been pretty low before it was released then. The SP was awesome, but not ground-breaking..the mp was pretty close to BO1, just better looking with a few tiny additions that don’t qualify as ‘innovation’ :/

  • Shaun

    To be fair, MW1 was incredible, so 2007 😛

  • Shaun

    I take it you feel it’s one of the best in the series, because MW2 and 3 were so pitiful it was easy to improve upon. Really enjoyed BO1 and played the hell out of it, so BO2s mp isn’t really a huge leap to me :/

  • Shaun

    Bob Kotick did say in an interview that if he could, he’d raise the price even further–> regardless of the fact that the PC version of CoD has been the most expensive standard edition around for the past 4 titles, yet isn’t subjected to the same licence fee as consoles… -_-

  • Maybe, just maybe getting that new engin?

  • Glordit

    Call of Duty had a Standard?

Call of Duty 2013 will “raise the bar even higher”

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