EA won’t patch Dead Space 3 infinite item farming “glitch”

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EA has issued a statement to Game Front detailing why the previously discovered Dead Space 3 “glitch” through which players can farm an infinite number of in-game resources is not actually a glitch, and therefore won’t be patched out.

The full statement below:

“The resource-earning mechanic in Dead Space 3 is not a glitch. We have no plans to issue a patch to change this aspect of the game. We encourage players to explore the game and discover the areas where resources respawn for free. We’ve deliberately designed Dead Space 3 to allow players to harvest resources by playing through the game. For those that wish to accumulate upgrades instantly, we have enabled an optional system for them to buy the resources at a minimal cost ($1-$3).”

Source: Game Front

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EA won’t patch Dead Space 3 infinite item farming “glitch”

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