THQ game distribution on hold in SA

SA gamers have become part of the casualties, as THQ has announced that all game distribution has been put on hold in South Africa.

“In light of the recent unfortunate events that have taken place within THQ, Ster Kinekor Entertainment will not at this time be distributing titles previously announced by THQ,” said Ster Kinekor Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Mario Dos Santos.

The news comes following the game publisher’s announcement of bankruptcy.

THQ’s IPs, which include some big-name hitters, such as the Darksiders, Saints Row and Metro licenses, were auctioned off to the highest bidders. Ubisoft and Crytek were among the companies who acquired the publishing rights.

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  • Rayolin

    They cannot stop us from downloading or playing THQ titles that have already been purchased on Steam just because the publisher is bankrupt

  • Sgt.Romeo9

    Gotta love the title of the article, THQ game distribution on hold in SA. Meanwhile THQ is bankrupt and all there assets have been sold off including development houses and game ip’s leaving THQ almost non existent. Whereas this title makes one think that THQ will continue distribution again at a later stage, which is not possible since all there ip’s have been auctioned off.

  • Vorastra

    Are you trying to convince us or yourself ?

  • hehe 😀

THQ game distribution on hold in SA

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