What happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines!?

Following the recent controversy surrounding the underwhelming Aliens: Colonial Marines, the team over at VideoGamerTV have put together a comparison video, which puts the original demo Sega showed, up against the final release; and it raises some questions.

The original footage of Aliens: Colonial Marines was shown at E3 2012, and looked highly impressive with its visual fidelity and finer details. Since the game has been released, players haven noticed that the game looks very different to that of the demo. There is a concerning lack of dynamic lighting, atmospheric effects and general polish that the demo had.

We understand that games can change shape and form throughout development, but it’s strange how the game can manage to look worse than it did a year ago. It seems that there must’ve been a lot of content cutting at Gearbox, which resulted in the game that hit store shelves.

Another controversial issue has come up regarding the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines. A Reddit user claiming to have been involved with the project, said that developer TimeGate was outsourced by Gearbox to handle the development of the campaign. Commenters, claiming to have also worked on the project, have weighed in with different stories and other information on the development, making for quite the internet bun-fight.

Read the full Reddit post here: http://goo.gl/JTn4Z

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Check out the comparison video for yourself:

IGN feature video with Randy Pitchford presenting the demo at E3 2012:

Source: VideoGamerTV

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  • ArchieChoke

    I agree with this, many titles I pre-ordered just didnt work (e.g. Farcry 3), I7, 2X gtx590 and I couldnt play. So my pre-ordering behaviour has changed. Will stick with the games I know I can trust (e.g. GTA , Valve , etc)

  • You couldn’t play Far Cry 3 on that setup? What was the problem?

  • CrzWaco

    Yeah please explain since my i5 setup ran this game(farcry3) without problems.

  • General Michael Skywalker

    I got a dumbass amd set up how the hell didnt you play farcry3 since I have a atholon x2 3.2 ghz 8gb of ram and a ATI 5770 ….

  • ArchieChoke

    Yeah, strange I agree, when inspecting eventvwr, was getting errors pointing to DX 11, there was talk on the forums about forcing DX 10 or 9 but non of them worked. Basically got the game, couldnt play the one day, the next day I could, if it did run I wouldnt switch off the pc nor stop the game. Reading through the forums it seemed to be Nvidia driver issues, Standard drivers didnt work and also beta. After about 2 patch updates (farcry 3), then I could actually start playing the game.

  • ArchieChoke


  • Johann Botha

    SLi thats why.

  • CrzWaco

    Yeah read what he said 6 hours ago.

  • HerZeLeiD

    Has got nothing to do with console. Check reviews, this game is not even up to console standards. I have over 110 Xbox 360 games, this game is one of the worst looking, if not the worst Unreal Engine 3 game I’ve ever seen. The gameplay is as good as a budget shooter game released 10 years ago on PS2.

  • Maybe they spent lots of time making a really good demo to get all the pre-order cash and then ripped everyone off.

  • Adoxographist

    Usually with this kinda cases, blame the upper management who blew all the money and time on first impression demos that the overall game play sucks.

What happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines!?

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