Playstation 4 controller prototype revealed?

PS4 controller

With the impending reveal of the PS4, images of what looks to be the new PS4 controller have emerged.

A “trusted source” to IGN has said that the images are real, but that they are of an early prototype of the PS4 controller.

The control itself looks largely the same, albeit with a bigger bridge across the two sides.

The bigger portion of the controller houses a touch pad – something commonly rumoured with the PS4 controller.

Other than that, smaller details, such as the bulkier D-pad and reshaped analogue sticks can be seen.

A glowing strip on the centre-top of the controller is also unavoidably apparent. This is said to be a Move sensor to sync up with the new PS4 camera.

Whether this prototype proves to be close to the final product remains to be seen. We’ll have to hold our breath until 20 February to find out, when Sony is expected to unveil the PS4.

PS4 controller

PS4 controller (prototype)

Source: Destructoid

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Playstation 4 controller prototype revealed?

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