Web Africa: new ADSL network and gaming

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Web Africa is currently migrating its ADSL network traffic management to the Internet Solutions’ backbone. This will not be affecting the gaming services that WAGE users have become accustomed to.

Whilst IS will provide its ADSL backbone network, Web Africa will still manage its ADSL product groupings, with full control over its product offerings.

This raises the question as to how the network migration will affect gamers on Web Africa’s network, and those who have become accustomed to using the service provided by its gaming division, WAGE.

Rupert Bryant, Web Africa COO, assured MyGaming that the WAGE gaming servers will continue to operate in their current format.

The WAGE game servers will be located in the Cape Town Teraco data centre and Web Africa will continue to peer openly in any location where they have a presence, Bryant said. “Currently there are no plans on expanding out of our current CPT Teraco location,”added Bryant.

“WAGE will continue to provide a solid all round gaming experience to those on our network and gamers in general. We are most likely going to be focusing on competitive gaming in the near future and aim to provide exciting services and new offerings. Improving community interaction and bolstering involvement is something we’ll continue to strive for. We will most certainly attempt to provide the best gaming experience around,” said Bryant.

Web Africa recently reduced the price of its Home Uncapped ADSL products by up to 32%.

In addition to the uncapped ADSL price reductions, Web Africa is also planning to bundle roaming access to WiFi into their ADSL offering.

Web Africa home uncapped prices
Speed Old price New price Monthly saving
1Mbps R189 R179 R10
2Mbps R299 R239 R60
4Mbps R499 R339 R160
10Mbps R999 R699 R300

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Web Africa: new ADSL network and gaming

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