Battlefield: Bad Company 2 unofficial mod support released

While Bad Company 2 may be veteran in the Battlefield scene at the moment, some crafty modders have managed to develop mod support for DICE’s shooter.

The team effort from the community at Emulator Nexus managed to reverse engineer EA’s servers, which now allow support for custom matches that can support user modifications.

To access the modified servers, users have to download a small .dll file to the Bad Company 2 directory. Players can host servers, although it is a bit more complicated.

The team has laid out all the details and instructions on the Emulator Nexus community forums.

Emulator Nexus co-founder NoFaTe is also working on a Battlefield 3 server emulation, so hold thumbs for that.

In the meantime, check out the ludicrous super-powered rocket helicopter mod:

Source: PC Gamer 

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  • YePsy

    Does this work for LAN?

  • Qrox

    Doubt it. Think the last Battlefield game that worked with lan was Battlefiled 2, so if you want to lan it, it will probably need a bunch of lan fixes/cracks, which I’m sure already exists.

    Getting the mod to work with the lan cracks could be a problem though.

  • does anyone even play this anymore? I remember the game was uber fun when it first came out

  • Shaun

    The most I’ve seen over the last year is like 20 players on iGaming, but that was organized. It was definitely fun, especially after the CarlG was nerfed, put in a good few hundred hours–> never once bored.

  • There is a LAN friendly version in development from Nexus.

  • I play on Nexus servers once in a while, it seems there are more players on the nexus servers then there are on my steam version of the game. So to me it’s a no brainer, and I still enjoy Bad Company more then bf3.

  • I only played the single player campaign on XBox and it was pretty good, even though it was shorter than a porn stars p…..ya I’m sure you get the picture.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 unofficial mod support released

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