Diablo III coming to PS4, PS3

Diablo 3 PS4 news

During Sony’s PS4 reveal conference, Blizzard was a surprise appearance as Chris Metzen took to the stage to announce that Diablo III will be heading to PS4 and PS3. No release date was given.

Metzen explained that Blizzard and Sony had entered into a strategic partnership on the deal. Metzen also reminded the crowd that the developer, typically associated with the PC platform, actually cut its teeth on consoles.

Metzen said that the game has been “painstakingly optimised” for the consoles, with attention paid to the control scheme, and features such as 4-player co-op in split-screen mode.

In the coming months the game will be debuted with videos and playable demos. PAX East was mentioned as an expo to look forward to in this regard.

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  • AcidRaZor

    WHY! It’s easier moving from a PC to an Xbox when doing these things. Why partner with Sony on this?! WTF! WHYY!!!!!

  • First time blizzard releases a game for a console…lets hope it wont fail miserably. They are milking this thing now, as if pc sales werent good enough

  • Not actually stan… Theres been 2 for consoles that were on the PS1, diablo 1 and warcraft 2 that i know of

  • Francois Robbertze

    Likely because Microsoft won’t allow access to Battle.net

  • Guest

    They made a console game before they made Warcraft

  • Nicola Dee

    The biggest problem with making a PC game into a console game is that you have to simplify it. there are so many keys/options on a keyboard and you’re very limited to what buttons you can use on console.

    Will be interested to see how it works, but can almost guarantee that you won’t get better graphics that on PC.

Diablo III coming to PS4, PS3

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