Driveclub announced for PS4

Evolution Studios has announced Driveclub, a new driving game that will arrive on Playstation 4.

Evolution Studios, who developed the MotorStorm series, announced the title at the Playstation event in New York, and say that the game is heavily focused on team-based racing.

“We collaborated with the best car companies in the world, working with them to create the most detailed and authentic car interiors and exteriors possible,” said Evolution. “The result is staggering: it isn’t cockpit view; it is truly immersive first-person-racing.”

The game will also utilise the element of social racing, allowing friends to collaborate in teams and interact with asynchronous challenge-based racing on multiple devices. How this will be done is yet to be seen.

There is no release date for Driveclub, but is expected to arrive on PS4 within the console’s launch window.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Source: Playstation blog 

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  • The Rich

    The big question though, is: Does it have bodykits, spoilers and aftermarket rims? 😀

  • Neon lights? Sound systems? Flame vinyls? 😛

  • The Rich

    Hahaha oh you. You know the best part is that I’m actually not even kidding; racers that allow you to carry out these mods are dwindling 🙁 I’m still playing Midnight Club LA because it’s the only modern-ish racer that allows for that level of modification.

  • Midnight Club LA was amazing! Loved it! There’s something so satisfying of building up your car as opposed to simply selecting one

Driveclub announced for PS4

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