Day Z mod now installable through Steam

The uber-popular ArmA II zombie mod, Day Z, is now available to install through Steam.

PC gamers who’ve purchased ArmA II: Combined Operations just have to search for the mod, then download and install it with ease, as opposed to dealing with the the patches and downloaders when the mod originally released.

For all the gamers who don’t want to deal with buying ArmA II and modding it, Day Z is also getting a standalone retail edition that is expected to release within the coming months.

It was also revealed that the Day Z standalone will be getting weekly content updates, including clothing and weapon items.

Source: Steam 

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  • Kromas

    Yes but remember that the ZA servers are zoned to our time. I suggest you either play during the weekend in daytime or try a uk server thats set for day during our evenings or your going to have a hard time learning how to run away from zeds.

  • General Michael Skywalker

    thank you 🙂

  • there are many ZA server I recommend ZA10

Day Z mod now installable through Steam

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