PS4 pre-order pricing appears

Despite not even knowing what it looks like, you can now pre-order the Playstation 4, which is priced at £399.95.

There are no details on where the online UK retailer got the pricing information – so maybe they know something we don’t, or they’ve just jumped the gun.

A £399.95 price would make the PS4 in the ±R5,400 range. This is indicated as a discount on a price of £449.99 (±R6,100). At the time of writing, the product is still listed on, indicating that this may not be a mistake.

With regards to details on the PS4, Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida also mentioned that the PS4 won’t work with PS3 game discs and PSN titles, and that the Dual-shock 3 won’t be compatible with the PS4.

PS4 pre-order

PS4 pre-order (ShopTo)

Source: Shopto 

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  • Shaun

    There are difference capacities as well, which is not listed?

  • 6k retail… holy hell 😐

  • lulz back to where the PS3 started pricing.. mmmm, i ended up waiting 8 years for a decent price.. which evedently led to upgrading my PC twice, and paying R50-R400 per retail game, depending on steam sale.

  • ShadoWolf

    Should be expected. Same deal with the PS3. I waited for slim, because as well know 2nd gen consoles is where they iron out all the issues.

  • I think you need to look at it at a slight investment. How long has the PS3 been selling? 6 years?

    Also, the RRP excludes Tax and duties…….a major thing actually. So expect to pay even more.

  • oomjan

    omw i must say that controller looks sexy

  • Pretty expensive to dish out 6 grand and then buying games for R600-700

  • Reckon we should see it retail this Xmas for R6999, but oh boy, those visuals.. I’ll buy it, but from then on out its ONE console only for me, better buy the right one!

  • Rishabh chandyok

    sony reduce the cost of ps4 calm down sony if its too costly less people will buy it `-´

  • Loyd Kambuzuma

    the price are too damn high….

  • Jeffrey Knipe

    (ICW the controllers and old games) Some one help Sony out please, they’re limping from SHOOTING THEM SELVES IN THE FOOT! …. and this people is why PC gaming will always have a place. Sony really needs to get off the money making horse and understand their target market more, namely gamers. Stunning hardware
    but they are becoming like apple, our way is the best and we don’t really care what you think, if we keep up the trend of forcing you to our agenda then your come to believe we always know best.

  • Michale

    Like how people complain about paying R6k for a console but will gladly fork out R6k – R8k for a cellphone

  • Johan du Preez

    Most ppl actually get contract that you see walking around with the latest
    phone ….

  • Shaun

    This, 100% this.

    If that price is fairly accurate, at that rate, you can keep a mid-ranged PC nicely upgraded every year and still save money. The console game prices have to come down or the value of a purchase exponentially increased :/

    One thing is that there are meant to be different capacities/models. No info on which one this is?

  • Michale

    Agreed but they are still paying for the phone on a monthly basis which would be the same as swiping your credit card to buy a console….Fact is it still a R6k – R8k phone…..

  • Desmond Rispel

    the nice thing is u can start saving for it now already. i am going that way 6k is steep but its better than having to upgrade every year nd plus no drm to worry about

  • Nelltora

    if u want it dont complain regardless of the price people still buy it i pre ordered myne and i cant wait why because its that once off payment of having fun unles u complain about the price then dont buy it just go play it at ure friends house and witness how awsome it is

PS4 pre-order pricing appears

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