GeForce GTX Titan SA pricing revealed

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan

Axiz Workgroup, distributor of EVGA products in South Africa, has confirmed that the retail price of the EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan will be R12,899 on launch

This gives an indication of pricing still to be revealed by other manufactures.

Nvidia recently announced the GeForce GTX Titan, claiming it to be “powered by the fastest GPU on the planet1“. The Titan will be hitting the desktop and small form-factor PC market as soon as 25 February 2013 in some regions.

US prices are expected to start from from US$999 (±R8,800).


  • Contains 7 billion transistors;
  • Has 2,668 GPU cores — 75% more than the Company’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 GPU;
  • Delivers 4.5 Teraflops of single precision and 1.3 Teraflops of double precision processing power;
  • Supports new GPU Boost 2.0 technology which automatically boosts graphics performance and supports unlocked voltage and advanced controls for even more gaming control and overclocking customization;
  • Can be combined with additional GTX TITANs in SLI mode.
GeForce GTX Titan - heatsink removed

GeForce GTX Titan – heatsink removed

The EVGA GeForce GTX Titan (06G-P4-2790) features:

  • NVIDIA SMX Engine – The new Kepler SMX streaming multiprocessor is twice as efficient as the prior generation and the new geometry engine draws triangles twice as fast.
  • NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 – Dynamically boosts clock speeds. Boost 2.0 allows control over Temperature Target and Power Target, allowing a new way to customise your overclock.
  • EVGA Precision X allows you to increase the voltage for maximum overclock.
  • 6GB GDDR5 Memory
  • NVIDIA FXAA anti-aliasing technology
  • NVIDIA TXAA – An in-game option that combines MSAA, temporal filtering, and post processing. Get the image quality of 8X MSAA with the performance hit of only 2X MSAA.
  • NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync – At high framerates, V-sync is enabled to eliminate tearing; at low frame rates, it’s disabled to minimize stuttering. It gets rid of distractions so you can get on with gaming.
  • Frame Rate Target – Set a target Frame Rate with EVGA Precision X and your card will automatically adjust the power/performance to meet that target.
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround
  • PCI Express 3.0
  • Pixel Clock Control – Use EVGA Precision X to “overclock” your refresh rate. This allows for increased refresh rates on select monitors.
  • Vapor Chamber Cooling – This type of cooling device uses evaporation. Inside each vapor chamber is a small amount of water. As the GPU heats up, the water evaporates, removing heat in the process. As the water cools down, it condenses, and the process repeats itself.
(1) Based on the results of testing a dozen games and benchmarks testing GTX TITAN against other single GPU products including GTX 680 and HD 7970. GTX TITAN is faster in all twelve tests ranging from 21 percent to 117 percent. All games and benchmarks were tested at a resolution of 2560×1600 with 4xAA/16xAF settings.
EVGA GeFore GTX Titan spec sheet

EVGA GeFore GTX Titan spec sheet – click to enlarge

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  • EVGA FTW! Just way over my budget for a GPU though

  • Richard Theunissen


  • Neji

    It’s so pretty!

  • Thats over budget for my whole pc….

  • Saint_Dee

    I’m curious how this performs versus PowerColor’s HD 7990, considering that it retails for just under 3K less than the Titan.

  • reviews already out breh.. not much faster…

  • I had to laugh at the idea that you could SLI these things @[email protected]

  • Saint_Dee

    So it doesn’t really make fiscal sense to get this card (not that it does to get the top tier cards anyway :P)

  • General Michael Skywalker

    does any one want to buy a kidney ? maybe an arm or a leg … lol

  • jeez this is crazy…too bad its only affordable by pro overclockers and very very rich people.

  • Hraffnir

    Hey, Gir is MINE! O_O

    *unsheathes sword* I challenge you to a duel sir!

  • InsanityFlea

    this VS the Ares II , hmmm give us some numbers!

  • For that price you may as well get 2 680’s or for even more value get 2 670’s and you will still out perform it. Admittedly you would not have to face the common issues you have to deal with when using an sli or crossfire setup.

    The price is just wrong. The card seems awesome. Getting that much performance out of a single GPU is amazing.

  • ya I agree. We’re getting to some really silly prices now.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Please let me know when your duel has been completed… I shall be waiting! FOR THE PIGGY!

  • Animaximus

    Seems like no-one noticed the almost 50% price increase from the US product…. sense?

GeForce GTX Titan SA pricing revealed

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