Telkom 40Mbps, 20Mbps DSL launches next week

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Telkom announced today that its 20Mbps and 40Mbps high speed broadband trials has been a success, and that the company plans to launch these services commercially on 4 March 2013.

The pilot started in October 2012 and has given participating Internet customers access to speeds of up to 20Mbps and up to 40Mbps.

“The pilot has seen participating customers experience broadband speed and throughput of an outstanding quality,” said Telkom’s Wholesale and Networks Managing Director, Bashier Sallie.

Telkom said that ninety percent of participants on the 20Mbps services consistently synced at 20Mbps and 74% of the 40Mbps participants consistently synced at 40Mbps.

Based on this success, Telkom Wholesale is now planning to launch DSL up to 20Mbps and DSL up to 40Mpbs options to the market from 4 March 2013.

The new higher speed VDSL services are a result of the network upgrade that Telkom completed in the pilot areas consisting of 53 street distribution cabinet (SDC) sites in five exchange areas.

These are Benmore Gardens, Fourways, and Waterkloof in Gauteng, Durban North in KwaZulu-Natal, and Durbanville in the Western Cape.

The upgrades entail, amongst others, replacing DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) technology with Multi Service Access Nodes (MSANs).

Telkom added that customers can use the DSL tracker tool from 4 March to check if they are within the coverage areas –

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  • ArchieChoke

    Once again only applies to certain area’s.


    I cant even get a 1meg line! foff

  • CrzWaco

    I have had 10meg for the last 2 years all of a sudden I can only get 4meg. so what will it help if you have these if some people can’t even get 1meg or lower.

  • Exactly dude! Let’s roll out 20/40mbps but most of South Africans can still not even get an ADSL line at home.

  • Dale Wepener

    I dont know a single person without an ADSL line at home, some of these people, also quite poor have uncapped due to the massive price drops we saw in 2010, and only one of them has a 384k line. And how can people complain about this ? We live in South Africa, its amazing that they are actually making these kind of speeds available, even if it’s in a few places. I guess when you have low expectations about a country you get surprised, please continue to surprise me South Africa, because its a miracle you’ve gotten this far.

  • YuuZA

    I remain under correction but MSAN cabinets are a more cost effective solution when deploying due to its increased bandwidth capacity among other reasons. I think it only makes financial sense that areas where they have not seen bigger backhaul improvements will do so when an MSAN is installed to cater for the userbase.

    At the mybroadband conference end of last year, Telkom did say that they are aiming for a large coverage area by end of 2014/15.

    I fully agree that why have these out but after you learn to read through the complaints (not here but on the forum) there are many reasons as to why they are making the decision.

    I should clarify that i am neither pro Telkom nor trying to say don’t hate due to the slow progress we have seen (more areas than we like to think eh).

    One last thing i can say is as soon as Telkom offers their IPTV solution, how probable will it be that in order for their userbase to increase, they will rollout more aggressively ;-). To me that makes sense. We wait with baited breathe now.

  • But at what cost?

Telkom 40Mbps, 20Mbps DSL launches next week

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