MyGaming Dota 2 SECS: Bravado clinch victory

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The MyGaming Sunday Evening Cup Series steps even closer to the business end of things, as week 3 has wrapped up in spectacular fashion.

The competition, powered by PolarfluKe, has already produced some tense encounters, and the week 3 match-ups were no different.

This post-event report is provided by resident PolarfluKe shoutcaster Kyle Wolmerans (aka Congo):

Tonight’s Sunday Evening Cup Series was not one for the record books. Unfortunate spectator server lag made viewing and streaming intolerable for most, but a thank you must be extended to those who pushed on through the lag.

Round one kicked off with ROCC vs. Phat FaRm, Ptd vs. auRa, MfB vs. Energy ESports and 3D vs. StraighJacketUnion. By far the most exciting game of the round would unfold in an upset between Energy ESports and MfB. MfB, who are known by now for the early game aggression, displayed nothing less in their drawn out victory against Energy which sent the unstoppable force straight into the lower bracket in round one. Also to advance was ROCC, Ptd and 3D

Round two became a lot harder to follow as I mentioned in-game viewing was a nightmare but I powered on for your benefit. Team Immersion (Basher) got their revenge on ROCC in round two when the not forgotten titans sent ROCC out with much to think about. LibertyLan were able to best Ptd and their Europeans showing South Africa still have a lot to teach the rest of the world. MfB showed us all once again they deserve to be put up there with the best as they sent VnR packing and Bravado met friends and foes of 3D in their second round match and showed everyone they’re here for the win in week 3.

The semi-final bracket saw Basher take on LibertyLan.  Unfortunately for LiB, Basher wanted blood, bravado blood, and nothing was going to stop them. While Bravado, equally fueled for a fight, were able to show MfB still had a lot to learn if they wished to compete with the top teams.

The final was a matchup we’ve seen too many times but never get tired of; Bravado vs. Basher. With a strong draft coming out from both teams the game was neck and neck throughout.  Basher fell into a late game lead going two rax up but Bravado kept their heads grinding and managed to pull off a great comeback to take the game with one rax destroyed and straight to the throne for victory. The game ended 31-31 on the scoreboard, a great end to a tiring and unfortunate day.

SECS Week 3

MyGaming SECS Week 3 results

Congrats to Bravado for their week 3 win.

If you are a Dota 2 player looking to crack into SA eSports, or simply want to have a fun evening testing your Dota 2 mettle against others, why not join us for next weekend’s round of battles?

Registrations for week 4 are now live: Week 4 registration. Registrations for week 3 close at 3PM on Sunday, 24 February.

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MyGaming Dota 2 SECS: Bravado clinch victory

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