Wii Mini SA pricing: is it worth it?

Core Group, distributor of Nintendo products in South Africa, has announced that the Wii Mini console will have an RRP of R1,499 when it releases on 21 March 2013.

Regarding the console itself, the Wii Mini’s online functionality has been trimmed off, and it lacks media streaming services.

There will be no backward compatibility with GameCube games, leaving the console a dedicated Wii gaming machine.

The console will be available in one colour in SA, red, along with a matching Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck.

In the UK, the pricing of the pint-sized Wii console caused a bit of uproar, as various retailers set vastly varying prices for the console. It is now currently listed for £79.99 on Amazon UK (±R1,070).

The console was supposed to be a low-cost option, being originally priced for Canada at CA$99 (around R880).

We recently also looked at the cheapest PS3 and cheapest Xbox 360 options in SA.

Are you prepared to pay R1,499 for Nintendo’s new little console?

Wii Mini

Wii Mini

For those interested in the device, it is worth checking out Digital Foundry’s tear-down of the console: Nintendo Wii Mini review. *SPOILER ALERT* They weren’t impressed.

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  • Pfffffftttttttt, you can get a second hand Wii for about R500 in any Cash Crusaders or on BidorBuy, why would anybody pay triple tht for an outdated stripped down version.

  • I would easily say no to this. I owned a Wii (didn’t like it, but that’s me) so I won’t pick this one up. As console revamps go this is pretty sad. If I think of Nintendo and console revamps (not necessarily smaller units), then I want what the GameBoy Advance SP was to the Advance – the Micro was pretty bad though.

    Sony has gotten it right with the PS1 and PS2 slim models.

  • McTSA

    Yup. That be true. Found one on BoB. So the offer doesn’t make too much sense… and even more so if the rating/s aren’t that good.

Wii Mini SA pricing: is it worth it?

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