Project Awakened on Unreal 4: the best superhero game ever?

Phosphor Games’ Unreal Engine 4-powered gaming project has made a few waves on Kickstarter, but the incredibly ambitious project needs a bit more backing, and deservedly so.

The game allows players to utilise the Unreal Engine to create their own super-powered character. Whether you want to be a fire-throwing hero, a mutant-like villain, or a mercenary for hire – it’s all possible.

Project Awakened also shows off the tech behind the Unreal Engine 4, showcasing the impressive real-time rendering of some of the powers that could be created in the game. Also shown is the high level of detail that can be achieved with character models and items.

The stretch campaign’s goal is to create the game, with stretch goals of adding “limitless multiplayer” and modding options.

The campaign is looking for $500,000 of funding, and only has just over $204,500 with 5 days to go.

To see this project come to life could be a huge boost for the community driven game creation scene.

You can learn more about Project Awakened or donate if you have the money and drive, by visiting the official Kickstarter Page.

Check out the videos below:

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Project Awakened on Unreal 4: the best superhero game ever?

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