[FALSIFIED] Dead Space 4 cancelled, Visceral Games dismembered

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Gamasutra has received comment from EA, and posted this to their twitter feed:

Rumors about poor Dead Space 3 sales and an unannounced Dead Space 4 being cancelled are “patently false,” EA tells us. Spread the word!

Joystiq has received comment from EA saying:

“While we have not announced sales for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and the franchise remains an important IP to EA,” an Electronic Arts spokesperson informed Joystiq.

Original article:

The development plans for Dead Space 4 have been canned following the underwhelming sales of Dead Space 3.

The news comes from Videogamer, who say that the series has been axed due to the most recent release, Dead Space 3, not meeting EA’s sales targets.

It’s reported that Dead Space 4 was in pre-production at Visceral Games, prior to EA executives visiting the Visceral Montreal studios to announce the grim news of termination and restructuring.

Videogamer’s source also claims that Dead Space 3’s switch to universal ammo was a result of forcing the controversial micro-transaction system.

Sales figures of the game haven’t been officially released, however, EA Labels President Frank Gibeau did say that Dead Space 3 would need to sell 5 million copies in order to survive.

A former Visceral employee has claimed to have said that the entire Montreal studio has been laid off following the restructure.

Source: Videogamer

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  • Lycanthrope

    Eek… It’s not April first… That’s pretty sad news 🙁

  • Almost A Hero

    “Man, the first Dead Space, we crafted a really competent horror game. Built on the best portions of Resident Evil 4 with a truly oppressive atmosphere and design decisions that immerse the player in the world, such as unseperable in-game UI, limited resources that require effective inventory management, epic sound design and a single-player experience.”

    “Let’s completely break that immersion by integrating in-game purchases into the UI, have a buddy join them in a co-operative mode, and focus on long-ranged combat where your resources can be topped up with a simple credit card swipe or grinded forever and ever.”

  • Saint_Dee

    Can’t say I saw this one coming O.O

  • Vorastra

    About time.

  • Meh, DS 1 was ok, but now its not a horror game, its COD Space-Men 2

  • Saint_Dee

    Don’t give them any ideas! Quick, trademark the idea before they do 😛

[FALSIFIED] Dead Space 4 cancelled, Visceral Games dismembered

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