Watch a tank fly in BF3: End Game launch trailer

The final piece of DLC content for DICE’s Battlefield 3 has been given a launch trailer.

The trailer shows some of the highlights of the new content pack, including a montage of the capture-the-flag gameplay that will be on offer in the new DLC.

In addition to the capture the flag mode, End Game also hosts Air Superiority match mode, which allows for large scale dog fights to become a focus of the action.

End Game also features an all-new dirt bike to speed up the pace of some of the battles, two new AA vehicles, and a dropship to call in parachute reinforcements behind enemy lines.

In terms of what you’ll be blowing up, End Game features 4 new maps, each inspired by one of the four seasons – such as the fall-themed Operation Riverside and the snowy Sabalan Pipeline.

End Game arrives on the following dates:

  • Xbox 360 and PC Premium members: 12 March
  • PlayStation 3 players: 19 March
  • Xbox 360 and PC players: 16 March

Check out the End Game trailer below:

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Watch a tank fly in BF3: End Game launch trailer

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