EA retracts “microtransactions for all our games” statement

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EA has reversed the statement made by CFO Blake Jorgensen when he said that microtransactions would appear in all of the publisher’s future games.

Jorgensen has now said that what he meant was that microtransactions will appear in all of EA’s mobile games, not the entire console and PC upcoming lineup.

“I made a statement in the conference along the lines of, ‘We’ll have microtransactions in our games,’ and the community read that to be ‘all games,’ and that’s really not true,” he explains. “All of our mobile games will have microtransactions in them, because almost all of our mobile games are going to a world where its play-for-free.”

Jorgensen went on to explain that paid content (which he causes “extensions”) will become more prevalent in other EA games, and are not necessarily microtransactions.

“You’re going to see extensions off of products like Battlefield Premium which are simply not microtransactions,” he said.

“They are premium services, or additional add-on products or downloads that we’re doing. It’s essentially an extension of the gameplay that allows someone to take a game that they might have played for a thousand hours and play it for two thousand hours. We want to ensure that consumers are getting value.”

What do you think of EA’s business outlook? Do you like having the option for paid content to give you some special treatment? Let us know below and in the MyGaming forums.

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  • The Rich

    I am pretty okay with the microtransactions model so long as the content available doesn’t affect balance in the game. In my opinion, Dota gets it right by only offering cosmetic items in the market. Battlefield I think got it wrong by offering you a token to unlock everything in the game for a fee, and even Black Ops 2 is getting it wrong with the new SMG that has been made available with the Revolution DLC as it appears to be totally overpowered.

  • “Oh sh!t they don’t seem to like that Micro Transaction Statement, Lets pretend we made a mistake and change it so it won’t be that bad.”

EA retracts “microtransactions for all our games” statement

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