Afrihost unshapes their uncapped ADSL


Afrihost has announced that it will ‘un-shape’ all its uncapped ADSL traffic following an upgrade to its ADSL network.

“We have been very busy in recent weeks with upgrading their ADSL network from the initial 8Gbps capacity they had when they first moved over to MTN, which was already approximately 30% more capacity than they previously had on the IS network,” Afrihost said in a statement.

“Afrihost then quickly saw the value in acquiring an additional 60% capacity to deliver the best capped and uncapped ADSL experience.”

Afrihost’s 2Gbps Durban IPC and 3Gbps Cape Town IPC are now live, complementing its existing 8Gbps IPC capacity in Johannesburg.

“Aside from the upgraded performance, our network boasts multiple international redundancies, with capacity on several undersea cables,” said Afrihost.

Afrihost ADSL network plans

Afrihost ADSL network plans

Afrihost said that its upgraded network is performing at excellent levels, which gave them the confidence to “completely unshape all uncapped ADSL traffic”.

“The decision to do this is mainly intended to thank and reward our uncapped ADSL clients for their patience and support while the upgrades were in progress,” said Afrihost.

“The second objective is to demonstrate the capabilities of the upgraded network – in terms of delivering exceptional throughput and a low latency ADSL experience.”

Afrihost is confident that their additional capacity will more than handle the additional traffic, and after a week has passed they will re-assess their current shaping policies.

“We will absorb the cost of additional unshaped bandwidth completely,” the company said.

Source: MyBroadband

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  • Wyzak

    I’m honestly not feeling the benefit. On my Afrihost account I struggled to get more than 300kbps out on my 4Mbps line. If this doesn’t improve soon I will have to follow the rest and jump ship.

  • oomjan

    unshaped doesn’t mean unthrottled

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    So I am an Afrihost 10mbps uncapped customer and I can say that they really are improving their network.

    Before all these upgrades I was getting 250-300ms to EU servers. Now I
    am getting 160-180ms. (These are to WoW EU and DOTA2 EU servers. Also
    did some tracerts and they look pretty damn good.)

    Now there will be teething issues in the beginning and they will
    hopefully get resolved. They do tend to get resolved, even if it is
    maybe not as fast as I want them to.

    The real big thing here is if they will get enough network capacity
    to have head room on their links. We only see shaping when a say 2GB
    link starts hitting 1.9GB and QoS kicks in and starts dropping priority
    on certain protocols (Most notably NNTP and P2P.)

    I hope they get to the point where there will always be enough head room that nothing gets shaped 🙂

    I recommend Afrihost to any person who wants 1.) Cheap internet 2.) A
    good and reliable service 3.) Good customer service (I think this is
    everyone in the whole country :P)

    Before anyone goes yelling fanboy… I am not brand loyal at all. For
    me it comes to 1.) Is this good quality 2.) Is it a good price 3.) How
    is the aftercare? Based on this I buy all manufacturer products.

    Afrihost is awesome! They are really trying and succeeding. I am
    extremely happy with my overall experience with Afrihost! Get it now and
    know that you will be getting quality as well as quantity!

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I have actually asked Afrihost about this and they only shape. They don’t throttle.

  • BotanicusPopulus

    I have verified this. Did about 250 gigs in a month with no throttling at all. Only time I had speed issues was with torrents during the day, but that’s thanks to them shaping P2P protocols~ I’m still happily downloading anime and youtubing to my heart’s desire without any throttling. Once I find enough content to download or stream I’ll try breaking the 500 gig barrier. But as I said, at the moment I’m quite happy with their service

  • Glordit

    Is it not perhaps your line or exchange not giving you full speed?

  • Wyzak

    Line is syncing at the normal speed and has no errors or anything, so I doubt it. Exchange – possibly, but not much I can do about that I’m afraid. Our Afrihost account at work tells a similar story however. Maximum received data rate in the last week is 2.2Mbps.

  • Bl1zz4rd

    How would you say Afrihost compares to Mweb?

  • Thorn

    Afrihost is the most avant-garde company among other ISP! Always happy for any their success. Good luck, Gian!

  • Afrihost is certainly amongst the TOP ISP’s (In my opinion they are THE TOP ISP), and MWeb is certainly the worst ISP with WebAfrica close on their tail (with regards to service levels). Anyone who is used to MWeb levels of service would welcome “Kosie se Fish ‘n Chips Super Naaish ADSL” (ie, pretty anyone who knows something about internet), but Afrihost is in a league of their own. Even through a couple of teething problems during the upgrades (and I’m a Cape Town user buying bulk bandwidth from Afrihost for my clients, so I know about the teething problems), they were always ready to assist, you could always get through to the helpdesk, and most importantly, THEY DONT LIE TO THEIR CLIENTS! That is SUCH an important aspect, and Afrihost got that right perfectly!

  • Hi Wyzak, are you comparing kBps with kBps or with kbps? The capital B means BYTES and the lower case b means BITS. 1 BYTE = 8 BITS, thus 1mBps (or 1MBps) = 8mbps (or 8Mbps)

    It would make sense if you got 300kBps, as that calculates to 2.4mbps. Still not full speed, but are you sure you werent downloading in the background? Try and

  • Wyzak

    Hi Giepie, No I am not confusing bits with Bytes. The speed I was getting wasn’t even a 10th of what I’m suppose to be getting.

  • Aha! I hope you don’t think I misjudged your intelligence 🙂 but many people make that mistake, even some “network administrators” don’t know the difference. Have you isolated the problem to Afrihost (ie, have you tried different ISP’s etc)?

  • Wyzak

    Hehe, yeah I know it is a very common mistake. It happened over one weekend, but the next day it was already about 4x better. I don’t really download much, so I haven’t been paying too much attention to it. It was just annoying when it happened. If I look at the graphs of my adsl line I see that the highest speed that I’ve achieved in a 5 minute interval is 3.07Mbps average. Which is close enough to what I’d expect to be getting. But I can’t say definitely with which ISP that is because I have several and I switch between accounts quite often.

  • Bl1zz4rd

    Can you elaborate as to what you’re saying is so bad about Mweb? I assume you’re implying that they lied in some way. I’ve always been able to get through to very friendly, helpful people in tech support and sales at Mweb – to the point that I moved my line to them from Telscum.

Afrihost unshapes their uncapped ADSL

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