SimCity-like Civitas hits Kickstarter

A new campaign to bring a SimCity-like building experience to PC gamers has been launched on Kickstarter.

Titled “Civitas”, the game aims to bring terraforming, city planning, building, and management, while also being moddable and having a community to drive the growth and life of the game.

“Civitas will be a revolutionary, open ended, community driven, highly moddable city building game, where you are not only responsible for terraforming the land, zoning, and building the structures, but you will also be able to manage many other aspects of your civilization,” says the Kickstarter page.

“Civitas can either be played as a single player game, or you can play online with other city builders to make entire regions, share resources, and compete for citizens to build the largest city.”

Civitas’ campaign is asking for $250,000 to help the development of the game, and currently sits on just over $33,000 with 24 days to go.

Check out the Civitas Kickstarter campaign.

Source: Kickstarter 

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  • Wyzak

    Good on these guys to try and get a piece of the pie. I might have supported them if they had some big names backing them with prior experience and additionally I’m also concerned about the “first release version” which suggests that you won’t be able to get updates if you back them.

  • CrzWaco

    So they are going to make a game in 1 year that has all these benefits, hmmm

  • MrNiceGuy

    Civitas – 22 hours and $12,000 (from 3:22 PM)

    That’s right! I am not embellishing or lying about this. When I last checked the numbers yesterday, about 5:00 PM PST, the Kickstarter was at $58,880 and now it is at $71,340!! To be exact that’s $12,460 in less than a day for a game that has yet to show nothing more than a few screenies and some promises. What is the key to this rapid success: community focused growth. The game will be touted to have: tools that can help the player create new buildings; a whole new focus/programming developed around realistic planning and city growth; transit systems that will work from day one; a SINGLEPLAYER (SimCity FAIL!!) and multiplayer, both having the same features; multiplayer mode is a battle for citizens so watch out for the tax wars; the most important feature of all: terraforming. Want to know the upside to all this? If you invest now and G.A.M. gets the funding you get the game you pay for ($15 for the game or $25 or more for the game plus BETA access, along with other goodies as the donations go up). If G.A.M. falls short you get your money back. Worried about being scammed? I have tried the Kickstarter method and one becomes legally bound, through Kickstarter, to create the product/project or return the money; there is no room for scamming innocent people. They have my $25!!

SimCity-like Civitas hits Kickstarter

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