zX – Hyperblast: SA dev’s retro love-letter

A South African developer, retroFuture, is aiming high with the sci-fi space shooter, zX – Hyperblast, which is currently on Steam’s Greenlight service, awaiting the thumbs-up from the community.

zX – Hyperblast is a throwback to the “bullet-hell” games if yesteryear, and gives players the chance to pilot a small, but powerful ship through some pretty insane monstrosities and cybernetic juggernauts.

Players are able to control a dual-type hybrid gun to fend off the enemies, while also being able to deflect enemy fire back with use of the twin-blade attack the ship features.

The game is all about rewarding reckless, daredevil styled play, high-fiving those old-school gamers who go head-first into battle.

zX – Hyperblast has a charming retro futuristic aesthetic to it, and will prompt the nostalgia of arcade fans.

The game has finally been given a demo, which features 11 playable levels out of the full game’s 66. In addition to keyboard controls, the demo also features Xbox and generic gamepad support.

Check out the demo on the retroFuture website, and support zX – Hyperblast on Steam Greenlight.

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zX – Hyperblast: SA dev’s retro love-letter

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