Humanity played Mass Effect 3 for over 8,000 years

Mass Effect 3

EA and Bioware have released some statistics regarding the community’s playthroughs of Mass Effect 3, and there are some pretty interesting numbers.

The infographic revealed that 82% of players chose a male Shepard to tackle the campaign, while the game’s single-player sucked up 88.3 million hours worldwide (8,625.6 years)

Another interesting percentage is that of the Paragon vs. Renegade stat. 64.5% of players went with the Paragon route, which means that more than a third of us have an evil side.

The stats also highlight that 10.7 billion enemies have been killed in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer.

Check out the numbers for yourself:

Mass Effect 3 infographic

Mass Effect 3 infographic

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  • Saint_Dee

    So many wasted hours, didn’t regret a second of it (well, you know what doesn’t count :p). I’m pretty surprised by the most played class though, the Soldier seems to be the most boring of the classes (to me anyway)… Proud Infiltrator and Vanguard

  • Saint_Dee

    You barbarian :P!

  • Vorastra

    Glad I could contribute, GG.

    I’m the 4% :O I beat it on insanity m/(-__-)m/

  • Kromas

    I feel like falling on my knees in the rain and shouting “WHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!”

  • DBL_ZA

    *claps in admiration* I’ll run Platinum into the ground, but I’m useless in the SP lol

  • Vorastra

    Ye bloody hell playing platinum was very difficult. But I think that falls down to the people online that I played with -_-

  • DBL_ZA

    Lol definitely.. A lot of freeloaders in Plat without a doubt. But yeah, only a select few that were good enough to hold a Platinum game up by themselves. Sadly can’t place myself in their class 🙁

Humanity played Mass Effect 3 for over 8,000 years

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