9-year old aspires to create RPG, gets death-threats

Mackenzie Wilson

A 9-year old school girl has expressed interest to create a role-playing game, which has kicked up quite a fuss on Kickstarter, and has even resulted in some death-threats.

Young Mackenzie Wilson wants to create her dream game to a) prove her brothers wrong, and b) because she wants a non-violent and simplistic RPG that she and her friends can play.

Mackenzie’s mom, Susan, is behind the Kickstarter campaign that launched, which has received over $20,000 (the original goal was just over $800). The money is planned to be used to help send Mackenzie to the RPG STEM Camp, which is a week-long camping trip that focuses on beginner game design.

“Right now, I know for sure that my game will be more age appropriate than the games I’m stuck playing. Sadly there just aren’t many cool RPGs out there for kids my age that aren’t stupid or silly,” said 9-year old Mackenzie.

It seems that some people don’t believe in Mackenzie’s dream, and think that the Kickstarter campaign is a ploy to get money.

The comments section of the Kickstarter campaign featured a number of death-threats and threatening replies.

In reply to the not-so-friendly comments, Mackenzie’s mom, Susan, said: “In closing, for the people that feel so violated by this campaign, I’d think the death threats against a 9 year old and her mother would resonate with your sense of justice as well.

“Perhaps in your free time you can research these two threats in particular and follow up with the FBI because I’m certain death threats, slander and libel are against the law.”

What do you think of the Kickstarter campaign? Would you back something like this, or would you be looking to projects that have a bit more “substance”?

Source: Kickstarter 

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  • Verrayne

    The one thing you fail to mention is that this Susan (the mom) is a multi millionaire.

  • Saint_Dee

    Against a 9 year old no less. That is pretty disturbing v___v

  • Saint_Dee

    To be fair though, nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies death threats against a 9 year old (unless they kick you in the shins of course, but those are extreme circumstances).

  • Guest


  • DBL_ZA

    Someone had to:

  • DBL_ZA

    Still, sad world we live in…

  • DCWarHound

    The death threats are most likely from young users roaming
    KickStarter,kids mostly get pretty arrogant at around 10-16 years of age
    and the anonymity of the internet fuels it.Usually when you argue with a
    kid you just take advantage of their ignorance,same can be done on the

    Unfortunately Cyber bullying is still a big
    problem,younger people don’t know how to deal with threats on the
    internet so they either get depressed in reality or they return their
    own insult when they feel offended to try and lessen the impact (usually
    this backfires).The trick is to step back and study the situation,keep
    calm and respond in a mature manner.If they keep responding with curse
    words and such then you can use it against them.People using curse words on
    the internet are usually bark and no bite.

  • Saint_Dee

    I just checked out the Kickstarter, it is so wrong on so many levels…

  • Saint_Dee

    Death threats aside, the kickstarter is pretty dodgy as it bends (if not entirely breaks) a few of Kickstarter’s ToS/T&C’s

  • TygerZA

    Why should that matter? What if this girl is trying to pull it off without depending on parents money?

  • Verrayne

    It is most probably a scam. Also a 9 year old should not be able to start a campaign since you “sign” a legally binding contract.

  • Saint_Dee

    That kickstarter goes against quite a few of Kickstarter ToS/T&C’s. There’s a link on the forum discussion that gives a much broader and clearer view of this entire story.

  • Vorastra

    Seems she ran into Warren Buffet. INTERADASTING !

  • The Rich

    Yep, not to mention the Reddit discussions etc.

9-year old aspires to create RPG, gets death-threats

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