Razer Black Ops 2 Autumn Ladders return

Mweb has partnered up with Razer to reintroduce the Xbox Autumn Ladders, which will be the stepping stone to the Razer Black Ops 2 Super 8 tournament.

The Autumn Ladder has seen some new additions, including: a new rating system to calculate relative skill levels of teams; mode and map rotations; combining Hardpoint, Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy in one match; and limiting the teams to 6 players.

Teams who finish in the top 8 of the Ladder will then advance to the Super 8. These 8 teams will then compete in a single elimination tournament, with their positions providing seeding for the matches.

The matches will be streamed live via Mweb GameZone’s page.

Razer is sponsoring some prizes for the top 3 Super 8 finishers – first place wins 4 Razer Sabertooth Controllers and 4 Razer Carcharias headsets, second place 4 Razer Carcharias headsets and third will take 4 Razer Sabertooth Controllers.

The Autumn Ladder Challenge will run from 11 April until 29 May, with the Super 8 Single Elimination on 8 June.

Registration for the Ladder closes on 10 April 2013,

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Razer Black Ops 2 Autumn Ladders return

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