“Sense of uncertainty” around Comic Con SA: Rebirth creators


The creators behind the locally-developed graphic novel, Rebirth, have expressed some uncertainty, yet hope that Comic Con SA will come to fruition.

Speaking to MyGaming, Daniel Browde, the writer and letterer of Rebirth said “We were excited to hear about this at first, but now our feelings are mixed.”

“It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen with this Comic Con. A sense of uncertainty considering the lack of organisation, late start, talk of high prices, etc”, added Browde.

Browde explained that the comic industry in SA is now observing what is actually going to happen with the event, which is set to take place on 26-28 April.

“At the moment we’re adopting a kind of wait and see approach to this thing.”

“But we are hopeful that if it doesn’t happen properly this year, maybe next year Comic Con South Africa can explode in the way it should.”

Browde has been working on Rebirth, a South African graphic novel that explores an alternate timeline where Jan van Riebeeck is a vampire. To find out more on Rebirth, check out the official Rebirth site and the video below:

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“Sense of uncertainty” around Comic Con SA: Rebirth creators

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