Next-gen Xbox will invade your TV

Rumours regarding the next-generation Xbox suggest that the console will be able to sync to your TV and set-top box, allowing for streaming of media and accessing TV signals.

The information comes from The Verge’s sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans.

The feature is said to work by taking a cable box signal and connecting it to the still-unannounced Xbox through HDMI. This then allows for the Xbox to overlay a user-interface on the existing TV channel or set-top box.

Microsoft is said to have partnerships with a number of content providers to bring multimedia content to the platform. Extended support for various cable services will be rolled out gradually, but the basic functionality will be available at launch.

In addition, the next Kinect sensor will also tie into the TV integration features, as the camera will reportedly detect eye movement, which can be used to pause a movie if a viewer looks away from the TV, along with other gestures.

It’s now been speculated that Microsoft will unveil its new console on 21 May 2013, according to The Verge.

Source: The Verge

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Next-gen Xbox will invade your TV

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