“Disabled” gamer banned from Twitch for faking

A wheelchair-bound gamer, who became well-known on Twitch TV for game streaming, has caused some controversy after he stood up walked while still on camera.

The gamer, who goes by the name Angel “zilianOP” Hamilton, acquired donations through people watching his game streams via his Twitch TV account.

Miraculously, Hamilton – who was obviously unaware that he was still streaming – got up and left his wheelchair, walking out of frame without any walking aide.

Hamilton’s girlfriend Breanna, who was in the room at the time, was then heard saying “oh my god” and made up a story before Hamilton returned to his wheelchair and shifted the camera away.

Both Hamilton and his girlfriend’s Twitch accounts have since been suspended.

“The Twitch broadcaster, Zilianop, did indeed have his channel closed and his partnership contract terminated on the basis of fraud,” a Twitch spokesperson told Kotaku. “Moving forward, we’ll be offering refunds to those who subscribed to his channel through Twitch. We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior and the character demonstrated in this situation is truly reprehensible.”

“His actions are a huge slap in the face to Twitch community members with real disabilities such as Aieron, and groups such as AbleGamers, who have helped spread a message of inclusiveness and positivity to not only the Twitch community, but gaming as a whole.”

Hamilton was said to have raised around $20,000 while operating his channel.

Source: Kotaku 

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“Disabled” gamer banned from Twitch for faking

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