rAge 2013 ticket prices, dates announced

The organisers behind the annual rAge gaming expo have announced the ticket prices and dates that the event will take place in 2013.

rAge 2013 will take place on the weekend of 4 October – 6 October, starting on Friday and running through to the Sunday.

Day passes will be R70 per person, with full weekend tickets priced at R120 per person. Tickets to the NAG LAN will set you back R350.

The event will take place at the usual spot – the Coca-Cola Dome, Northgate Shopping Centre.

rAge 2013 will showcase computer and console gaming hardware, PC, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Nintendo games, gaming accessories from joysticks to headphones, comic books, figurines, anime, role-playing, cosplay, board games, creative arts, competitive collectible card games, local game developers and much more.

  • Dates: 4 October – 6 October 2013
  • Show times: Friday: 10:00-18:00, Saturday: 09:00-18:00, Sunday: 10:00-16:00
  • Day ticket: R70 per person (Tickets available at the door)
  • Weekend ticket: R120 per person
  • Kids under 6: Free
  • NAG LAN ticket: R350
  • Venue: The Coca-Cola dome, Corner Northumberland Road & Olievenhout Avenue, Northgate, North Riding

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  • AcidRaZor

    I hope the organizers learned from their mistakes last year:

    1) People use credit cards more than cash, keeping a dedicated (read: separate line for merchants to connect their card machines to would be ideal

    2) People who pre-purchase tickets need a separate queue (since they basically can just go in) and someone from the organizers need to let this be known to the public in the queue.

    3) Touching on 2, but deserving it’s own point, queue organization is pretty important for a big event like this, investing in little poles and some “danger” rollup tape to indicate and organize a long queue will make things easier for eager attendee’s since it will make the queue appear shorter and, since it’s more organized, won’t make them disgruntled while waiting.

    4) Better seating arrangements for those wanting to watch some E-Sports (I only ASSUME there was some), maybe even a better organized (inter-twined with the expo), E-Sports event featuring DoTa 2 / LoL / SC2 etc with commentators that goes with the big LAN event too?

    After about 3 hours or walking around, waiting in line at the ATM (and not getting cash since the machine broke quite often), I decided to purchase the item I wanted at Northgate, where they had working card machines. I didn’t enjoy the show at all since my frustration on the above mentioned points (except #4 as I didn’t bother to stay for any of it) meant I was basically boiling over and just wanted to GTFO as soon as possible and get something to eat to boot since all the food vendors there only accepted cash (which was a good idea since the machines never worked)

    Hope you guys take these comments seriously enough for this year’s Rage to be kickass

  • Totally agree with everything you said!! Credit cards was a big problem last year and would love to see some proper gaming tournaments with spectator area and commentators etc. And a schedule of what tournaments will be happening and when before the weekend starts so we can plan our trips to the dome appropriately 🙂

  • McTSA

    A bit more crowd control would be nice, i.e.. regulating the incoming numbers and not just let everything and it’s family tree in.

  • Nero55

    That queue to get in was bad. No one knew what each queue was for

  • Lol when I got there I thought the lines would have been short, but boy was I wrong and the ques do need some attention otherwise people will stand like snakes again, and having stands where they show off the gaming tournament would be lovely, I watched some old Nag rAge Expo video’s and feel like there are some things that you guys leave out, and please improve the anime and cosplay section if it is possible, the Nag Lan really doesn’t need to be so big anymore because half of the so called “gamers” leave the next day anyway so more space can be used for booth’s thank you for bringing another year of awesome technology and games together!!!

  • Michael James

    Hello all…

    We are painfully aware of the queue issues and the credit
    card problems and space issues.

    It’s really all because of the crowds at the show. I’ve been
    told by experts at the venue that similar issues occur at most events these
    days thanks to digital congestion.

    Some things we’re doing.

    Insisting that all retailers use hard lines (for credit card
    machines) – wireless simply doesn’t exist in a reliable fashion at the Dome
    over the weekend. You can’t even get a proper cellular signal inside. There are
    too many smart phones, notebooks and computers gumming up the works.

    We’re asking the banks to arrange a pile of ATM machines
    outside the main entrance – this should combat the ATM machines inside running
    out of money and not working and the long queues.

    We are looking at doing something about the queues in the
    mornings. It’s not an easy problem to fix but it’s high on the priority list
    and has been an agenda topic for more than a few meetings.

    Inside we’re going to be widening the main walkways. This
    will ease congestion in the hot spots, but won’t totally eliminate the crowding
    problems during the busy times.

    We’re moving the stage to accommodate more seating and
    putting it in the food court area again.

    These are just a few things we’re doing and not an
    exhaustive list.

    I just wanted to let anyone that is reading this know that
    we are very much aware of all the issues at each show and every year we undertake
    to correct the previous year’s problems. Sometimes the crowds don’t behave in a
    predictable fashion – this can be as small as 10% off the normal trend and then
    we run into jams.

    Bottom line… I don’t like visiting crowded expos myself so I
    try and make rAge as smooth as possible. It’s just hard to deal with big crowds
    that stay for longer than ‘normal’ when compared to other expos and events. We
    have teams of very qualified, smart and experienced people all working to make
    sure rAge runs like a dream each year. It will never be perfect but I will
    never stop trying to make it perfect.

    Michael James
    Senior Project Manager

  • johnno

    I do think its a poor show that there are no conscension for old age pensioners, as my dad also enjoys computers still but does not go with us anymore as he says its too expensive for him as his interests are selective and not the same as the younger people. Can the Organizers loose so much if the make the entrance fees for pensioners less, surely there are only a handful of visitors falling into this category and there are many other events at the same venue all catering for pensioners.

  • Jedijo

    Rage 2012 was about an epic fail as what a LAN can be. Flying in from Cape Town for it was the biggest waste of money I have ever had. BF3 fail. I sincerely hope they make it worth it for the lot that flocks there this year.
    OC to organize 1 EXPO LAN in CT this year??

rAge 2013 ticket prices, dates announced

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