Mweb Dota 2 Championship: team SA contenders emerge

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The results for the Mweb Dota 2 Online Championship have produced team Bravado of the Knights Mind Sports Club as the victor.

This tournament was the last championship before the National Team Trials, which will be held in order to select the official Dota 2 South African team. The team will also get full Protea Colours for the game.

Once the SA team is selected, they will take on Romania in an official test match between the two countries. Romania is currently ranked third out of 33 countries, while SA sits in 16th spot.

Nine teams have qualified for the National Team Trials:


  • Bravado (Knights Mind Sports Club)
  • Energy eSports (Energy eSports)
  • Team Immersion (Knights Mind Sports Club)
  • Team Verve (Roccat SA Elite)

Under 24:

  • FOJ (Never Say Die)
  • Creeps to Strong (All Stars LAN Club)


  • RQ (Hoerskool H F Verwoerd)
  • FARAI (Saheti College)
  • Jukes of Hazzard (All Stars LAN Club)

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  • Some great games were played. Well done to the guys for qualifying for the Nationals! We need a strong team to take on Romania!

  • There are still more teams that have qualified via the Gauteng Provincials, aside from the 9 above.

  • RQ for the win yeah yeah…a strong and upcoming team indeed

  • if any sponsors are interested you should check them out or contact them through me

Mweb Dota 2 Championship: team SA contenders emerge

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