Would you quit a game for moral reasons?

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Following the story regarding a disgruntled gamer who found Bioshock Infinite’s baptism scene to go against his beliefs, a debate started regarding whether you would quit a game on moral grounds.

GamePolitics ran a survey which asked gamers if they had ever stopped playing for moral reasons, and the votes have been counted.

677 people voted, with the majority (60 percent, 405 votes) saying that they had never stopped due to a game pushing the moral boundaries.

20 percent (137 votes) said “no, but there are games I refuse to play for moral reasons”, while 12 percent said to that they have quit a game due to morals and beliefs being tested.

Seven percent said that they had come close to quitting, while one percent said that they have quit a game, but ultimately came back and continued playing.

What do you think of the stats? Have you ever quit a game based on moral grounds?  Let us know below and in the forums.

MyGaming recently had a chat with the ESRB and PEGI ratings boards to get a better understanding of what is considered religious discrimination.

Source: GamePolitics 

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Would you quit a game for moral reasons?

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