Nintendo suffers another financial loss, Wii U sales falter

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Nintendo has released its financial results for the business year ended 31 March 2013, and things aren’t looking too good for Nintendo and its Wii U.

As for the numbers themselves, net sales were 635.4 billion yen, with operating loss of 36.4 billion yen; this can be contrasted with the 43 billion yen loss of the previous financial year.

Ordinary income for the company was 10.4 billion yen, and net income was 7 billion yen.

The Wii U is one of the factors in Nintendo’s results. The company managed to sell 3.45 million units, which didn’t really reach the forecast 4 million; which itself was a downward revised figure from their initial 5.5 million unit projection.

Over the next fiscal year, Nintendo forecasts the sale of 9 million Wii U hardware units.

Nintendo Hardware Unit Sales - March 2013

Nintendo fiscal year results 2009 - 2013

Source: Nintendo 

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Nintendo suffers another financial loss, Wii U sales falter

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