SA COD 4 Community Cup tournament opens for registration

Wage community Cup

Wage has announced the Call of Duty 4 Community Cup, which will bring local gamers together to quick-scope one another and teabag their soulless bodies.

Jokes aside, the competition is in partnership with the CodZA community and Roccat, and will take the form of clan-based single elimination matches (best of three), with some Roccat peripherals up for grabs as prizes.

The tournament kicks off on 13 May and will run through to 19 May.

Registrations open on 10 May, so rope all your buddies together if you want to take part in the COD 4 chaos. Sixteen clans will be able to enter and take part in the competition.

There are a bunch of rules and additional details that you should know about on the COD 4 Community Cup announcement page.

Head over to the CodZA Community site and comment at the bottom of the article to register your team.

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SA COD 4 Community Cup tournament opens for registration

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