Curiosity final cube destroyed, the big secret revealed

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Game development veteran, over-zealous promise-maker, and “God game” progenitor Peter Molyneux and his indie development studio 22Cans launched their experimental game, Curiosity: What’s in the Cube, back in November 2012.

The simple premise of the game was to chip away at a many-layered giant cube, cubelet by cubelet, with the goal to find out what was hidden in the centre. The central prize was promised to be something life-changing.

The catch: only one player would actually get to see and reap the reward at the centre of it all, and they could choose to share the news with the world, or keep it to themselves.

150 days of cube-chipping, 25 billion cubelets, 4-million players, tens of thousands of simultaneous concurrent users, and it’s finally all over.

The winner of Curiosity is Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, Scotland, who was privy to the video below in which a pint-size ‘Neux explains the what he won. Good guy Bryan agreed to make the video public.

As many predicted, the prize relates to 22Cans next game, Project Godus, which is a multiplayer God game coming to iOS and Android smartphones.

Henderson will apparently be the god of all people playing Godus and will decide on the rules and “morals” that the game is played by, said Molyneux.

Henderson will also take a share of the money that people spend in Godus.

Interestingly, Molyneux said that Henderson will accrue riches from the game from the start to the finish of his reign. Does that suggest that there will be some sort of contract with 22Cans limiting how long Henderson can attain profits from Godus?

Molyneux promised further details would be communicated in future, and I suppose those will also be private between Henderson and 22Cans unless he decides to share the details as well.

Check out the micro-‘Neux in the Curiosity completion video below:

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Curiosity final cube destroyed, the big secret revealed

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