Teen planned Call of Duty copy-cat school attack

No Russian

In another story that will thrust gaming into the negative limelight, an American teenager had a plot to blow up a school while listening to the Call of Duty soundtrack.

Grant Acord is the guilty party, and his maniacal plot was discovered when a classmate ratted him out and an itinerary was found in his bedroom.

“Get gear out of trunk. Carry duffle in one hand, napalm firebomb in the other, walk towards school with (Airport Stalk music from the Call of Duty video game) blasting out of car. Drop duffle. Light and throw napalm, unzip bag and begin firing. Cooly state: ‘The Russian grim reaper is here.’ If 3rd exit is blocked by napalm fire, or is locked, run to 1st entrance.” said Acord’s plan.

“Kill myself before S.W.A.T. engages me,” he concluded.

Acord has been charged with attempted aggravated murder and 18 other charges, with the bond set at $2 million.

The police also found six types of explosives, including napalm, pipe and drain cleaner bombs, along with Molotov cocktails from “a secret compartment that had been created in the floorboards” of the teen’s bedroom.

Source: CNN via NAG

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Teen planned Call of Duty copy-cat school attack

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