Dota 2 player bets against own team, gets lifetime ban

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The professional Dota 2 scene is not unfamiliar with controversy, and a new moment of shame has popped up, as a player has received a lifetime ban for betting against his own team.

The player, Alexey “Solo” Berezin, bet $100 that his team, ROX.Kis, would lose an important match in the Dota 2 Star Series. His team did lose, and Berezin won $322, but there were some suspicious elements to investigate.

The team put on a “suspiciously horrible performance”, which has led to a lifetime ban for Solo, along with 3-year bans for his teammates, BzzIsPerfect, Yol, Dread, and dnq, and a one-year ban for the RoX.KIS organisation.

The team has said that the claims are false, and that the “evidence base is very uncertain in this case”.

ROX.Kis also claim that Solo’s Skype account was hacked, making it possible that his personal information was stolen and the bet made with his egamingbets account.

Check out the game stream below – can you spot anything suspicious?


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  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I don’t think he would have done it… Have seen some interviews with him and he doesn’t seem like a “Hansie” to me…

  • The Rich

    Though to be fair, Hansie didn’t seem like a ‘Hansie’ to us, either.

  • Weeman360

    Honestly, did Hansie seem like a Hansie…?

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Did to me… He was too nice… Dodgy eyes… Might also be that I don’t like cricket xD

  • synack_sa

    For $322… If you’re gonna cheat by losing, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be for more than what you stand to win if you actually play and win, which I’m sure is more than $322…

  • I dont like Cricket (either), oh no. I love it.

Dota 2 player bets against own team, gets lifetime ban

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