PS4, Xbox One SA pre-order pricing goes live

Xbox One PS4

With the next-gen consoles having shown their hands at E3 2013, we were left only with pricing info for the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe. However, two local retailers – AWX and Phoenix Tech – have established South Africa pre-order pricing based on current exchange rates.

Xbox One console - click to enlarge

Xbox One console


AWX has set the pre-order price for the PlayStation 4 console at a tentative R5,899, while the Xbox One is sitting at a staggering R7,299. Additionally the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Eye have a pre-order price of R849 and R799 respectively, while AWX also list the new Xbox One wireless controller at R799.

A representative of AWX said that the listed price is an estimation based on UK pound / Rand exchange rates. The final price for South Africa is yet to be confirmed. This is indicated on their product pages.

AWX said that those who pre-order won’t be charged, and this is to register their interest in the products as there will be limited stock at launch. Should prices change upwards or downwards, pre-orders customers will be notified accordingly.

AWX said that some customers have already paid to secure their console. Should prices drop, customers will receive a refund or credit. Should prices increase, customers will be notified with the option to pay in the difference or cancel their order.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Phoenix Tech

Phoenix Tech lists pre-orders for the Xbox One at R6,999, and the PlayStation 4 at R5,999.

A representative of Phonix-Tech said that they are bringing in their console products through their European distributor, and so this isn’t an official SA price for the consoles.

Phoenix-Tech said that should customers place their order with them, they will have guaranteed receiving the console at the listed price, even if the price goes up. Should the pricing come down, then customers will be refunded the difference.

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  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Waiting to see what, Kalahari and BT Games does… I will pre-order this at the place it is the cheapest… Also kind of want to wait to see the bundle options

  • Kevin

    The xbone is region locked to the 21 countries supporting it, why exactly would you preorder it? as a door stop?

  • StewartR3

    I will not pay higher than the amount the americans are paying for each. As close to R4000 for PS4 and R5000 for XBone as possible, or gtfo.

  • Qu33f

    Ok so its selling for $399, lets see $399 x 10… carry over the 1 and yep. The answer is… we being [email protected]#k over by R2000!!!!!

  • StewartR3

    Yep, typical SA [email protected]#T! Sure, the prices are only temporary, but I just know this is what we’ll actually end up being charged. On the positive, they just make PC gaming look more and more attractive.

  • eyesuc

    Don’t the UK prices apply to us? £349 * R15,68 = about R5500

  • We’re in the EMEA, so the Pound/Euro pricing is more applicable to us. Even the Euro conversion works out to about R5300 for the PS4. Factor in shipping, taxes and customs duties and R5899 is not a bad landing price. The PS3 shipped for R6600 when it launched here.

    The Xbox 360, on the other hand, was R3700 back in 2006. Its nearly double the price for the One.

  • Andrew Shaw

    I guess… gtfo then?

  • Darryl Le Roux

    EU, Euro, not pound.

  • Darryl Le Roux

    How is this BS? Import it from amazon then and you will see what the final price will be.

  • ShadoWolf

    Is anyone actually going to buy the Xbone when it gets here???

  • StewartR3

    Or, get somebody I know to buy it while overseas and bring me back one. Even if you order from Amazon, it costs R1000 less than the price at these outlets mentioned in the article… that R2000 over the US price is where I say it’s BS that we have to pay that much more for the same product.

  • StewartR3

    So you are in support of them overcharging here in SA for the exact same product?

  • StewartR3

    Yeah, so… it’s bullshit, don’t you think? I don’t see how you can ask how this is BS if it’s clear that the amount we have to pay, in fact, is.

  • Darryl Le Roux

    I don’t think so to be honest. I think it is just out of reach price wise. Also, it’s a matter of WHEN it gets here. The initial sales of the Playstation will hamper the consumers spending habits, in the sense of, not many will buy both, and with the PS4 landing first, they will opt for that.

  • prOd

    They’re not really overcharging though…if you work out the direct Euro conversion is comes to R5300 so I’m not sure what the hell exactly you are crying about.

  • StewartR3

    I’m looking at the US price. I still think it’s a lot for something that is worth 4k in one territory, then 5.8k in another. Doesn’t make sense to me. Same product/service… should be same/similar cost. The product is made in and imported from china. If it were made in USA I’d maybe understand this price different, but I just don’t get how it can be justified. I just feel like we are being raped as consumers to have to pay such high prices compared to everybody else.

  • Qrox

    Just the fact that you have to have the xBox one connected to the internet so much, is probably going to scare off a bunch of South-Africans.

    Then add the price difference and you’ll see a hell of a lot less people buying it. I just don’t see any reason why people would want to get it over the PS4 (no, I’m not a PS fanboy. I don’t even own a console).

  • Lupus

    Cause there is this thing called purchasing power, the States have that, they also quote their pricing minus the sales tax. If we had a country of 200 million who could buy consoles at the drop of a hat, we’d also be paying those prices.

  • StewartR3

    Finally, an actual answer to help justify the price difference. Thank you kindly.

  • Verrayne

    Well Xbone will only be launching here late next year. So I don’t know why everyone is putting it up for pre-order.

  • Verrayne

    You do know that $399 does not include Sales Tax right?

  • Vixremento

    Spot on thing to do is to wait it out. Most people will surely have decided which one it is that they want the most by now (seriously the PS4 does look to be the one to watch at this point).

    I’ll wait for concrete prices (although awesome that Phoenix Tech guarantees prices) and then pick up something that gives me a game or two, a controller and maybe an HDMI cable (I mean come on…).

  • StewartR3

    I did not know that, but I do know now. Explains things. Still, was hoping for a 4-5k release price for PS4 here… 5.8K is a bit much, I think.

  • Verrayne

    What also contributes is that that America’s trade policies also cater that electronics do not have any import duties attached to them. Unfortunately in baboon country we don’t have that luxury.

    What you could do is just organise your holiday to the states at the right time 😉

  • Glordit

    Why would you import a US console, it will be region locked to NTSC/USA. Rather get the PS4 if you going to import, at least it’s region free.

  • Glordit

    If you know of people in the UK. is doing pre-orders at 249.00. Otherwise to import it including shipping, it’s 299.31 that excludes import VAT of 14%.

  • NicoR

    As bad as things are, there will still be a group of Beliebers.

  • Pur!Fier

    Couldn’t one also blame the SA government for the ridiculous amount of tax one has to pay? I heard there is like 80+ different kinds of tax in this state, I think, but its still ‘belaglik’ to use the Afrikaans. And its not as if the government is using that money as efficient as possible…

  • Phoenix Tech SA

    we are not overcharging at all. we are living in South Africa and we have to pay South African Prices.

    yip cars are also a hell of a lot cheaper in the UK compared to SA but i cant go to BMW and say “hey by the way your cars are cheaper in the UK” give it to me at the same price please.

    you have to take into account Shipping costs, Import Tax and VAT Charges when the stock reaches SA.

    also what do you expect that the stores selling the items make 0 profit but then you expect 100% Support when something goes wrong?

    what happens when you order from amazon in the UK and you get your product and its DOA or goes faulty in the first month? its all the shipping fess all over again to get that product sorted.

    our Margins as online retailers are very tight and the Rand exchange to the Euro is also not benefiting the prices, if it were R10 to the euro these prices would be alot different (R4100+/-)

  • Dameine Handley

    Hi Guys, so how do i go about pre-ordering my PS4? and will there be any special packages like Fifa 14 bundles or anything to that line? I hate BT games and will not do business with them so please assist as i NEED a PS4 BADLY!!! Thanks so much guys

  • WolfyZA

    So getting a PS4 !! Any idea when CNA and other major retailers will start putting up pre orders?

  • Windreaver

    I dont really why the price point is such a big issue for people. You are probably willing to pay up to R2000 more for a smartphone based purely on brand identity and perception, but its not a big deal. Why would a console be any different?

    And, your phone is probably costing you between 7-10k. So 7-10k for a multifunctional console (once you add all your peripherals) is probably fair value.

  • I’m guessing and hoping the PS4 won’t be over R6000. That Xbox price though….

  • Mbuso Shakoane

    Just pre order over at amazon for $399 which is about R4200 including shipping plus you’ll be getting it before anyone else in SA

  • WatDaFuckIsWrongWitYoFaceNigga

    What an absolute f**king rip-off. The PS4 is retailing at $349 in the US but we have to pay R5899? So you’re telling me that shipping, taxes and customs duties will cost R2400?? F**king hell, this countries a joke.

  • Johan Naudé

    I agree with you, this country screws us at every turn. The importing duties aren’t as high as retailers say. They just want to make more money. They should sell it for less so more people will buy it. Small profit per sale, but a lot more sales. Too bad people here don’t use that basic common sense. At least it’s not as expensive as the PS3 was at launch, but still…

  • Johan Naudé

    Didn’t Microsoft say the Xbone will have a global launch? As always it seems that South-Africa isn’t part of the world, lol. I’m getting a PS4 though, MS pissed me off with their console. I’ll stick to my 360.

  • Verrayne

    Nope, will only be releasing in 21 territories this year. They don’t do a global launch like Nintendo or Sony.

  • Johan Naudé

    Ah ok I see. Must have missed that part. Thanks for the info ^^

  • Johan Naudé

    Definitely, this is like the Xbox 360/PS3 launch but this time it’s reversed. Last time most people went 360 simply because it was much cheaper and was available first. I think a lot of people might go Sony this time, I know I will.

  • Johan Naudé

    I agree that PC games will always look better but the price of building a PC that can run everything at max..I’ve spent almost 30 grand over the past 6 years on pc upgrades and I simply can’t do it anymore. Graphics don’t bother me too much, as long as the games are fun 😀

  • Johan Naudé

    Agreed, the government has increased import taxes to a crazy %. I know a guy who imported a car, the car was R2mil and according to government policies, the import tax on such luxury cars are 50% of the value, so in the end the cost was R3mil plus the dealer had to make a profit so he ended up paying R3.5mil. Same thing with everything else. Import taxes are so high and it’s just insane.

  • Johan Naudé

    Unfortunately, US prices don’t apply to us since we fall under the EU region when it comes to pricing 🙁

  • Johan Naudé

    MS recently announced that they’re going Region Free, just like Sony.

  • Sebastian Stroud

    Just import it. There’s no region locking. Screw this country.

  • Gillan Pansegrauw

    But from where? Are you ordering it from amazon?

  • Lee Wollenschlaeger

    The problem with that is that most people pay the 7-10k on a phone over 24 months on contract. Its going to hurt a lot of people’s pockets to pay R6000 in one go without any games. If you want one game, then you are paying to almost R7000. That is just insane

  • Windreaver

    Buying a console for 1 game is faulty logic. It wouldn’t matter if that console costs R3000 or R7000. Your example is insane.

    And you can also buy consoles on terms. I don’t get the big deal. If you could pay R4000 5 years ago, why is 7k now such a big deal?

  • NotSure

    But im on amazon now and they dont let you pre-order yet
    …they also say they will let us know when it is possible < are you sure you can pre-order it there now !?

  • NotSure

    Yes and if you are How ?
    I was on it just now and they say “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.” there is nothing that says …when the pre-order will be availilbe*sry bout spelling im not eng.

  • silver

    its so sad how this stupid country always want to cash in on things, price is even lifted on kalahari for ps4 for just over R6200. I will just ship in mine. Sad how youre country always want to make a buck on the side for every single thing!

  • Mike Le Hanie

    im buying a xbox one and the reason why the tax suff are so exspensif is for….or else everybody would buy in other lands and not in the SA then SA wouldnt make money and why are u guys buying PS4 i dont say u musnt but migrosoft is more reacher and famous so they now what they are doing sooo tel me why u guys are buying the PS4 enstead of the XBOX ONE

  • Kyle Opperman

    We import from UK though…

PS4, Xbox One SA pre-order pricing goes live

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