Consoles becoming PCs: Alienware

Alienware X51 hardware news

Due to the changing architecture of consoles, most notably the PS4 and Xbox One, PC hardware development company Alienware has said that home consoles are more like PCs than ever before.

“If you look at what Sony and Microsoft are doing, they’re taking PCs and putting them into the living room. It’s an AMD CPU, it’s an AMD graphics card, it’s a standard desktop hard drive. It’s unbelievable,” said Frank Azor, general manager at Alienware.

It’s the first time that both Microsoft and Sony’s consoles are using very similar architecture associated with PC gaming, the X86 architecture.

“You’re installing games now instead of running them off the disc, because that’s the right thing to do; you’re downloading games digitally, which we’ve been doing on PC for years; they’re integrating certain TV aspects and stuff, well, ten years ago we started experimenting with media centre,” explained Azor.

Azor also elaborated, saying that PC is still the preferred gaming platform, and is the reason why console makers are shifting their hardware closer towards resembling PCs.

“That tells you that the PC is the gaming platform of choice out there, there is nothing out there that’s better. You look at what they’re [consoles] trying to do and they’re becoming more and more like PCs.”

The Alienware general manager also believes that while consoles will become a threat to PCs, the PC will always deliver the most popular games.

“Look at the most widely played games out there, League of Legends, World of Tanks, I mean these are the most widely played games in terms of hours played in the industry. And up until this week those were exclusive PC titles.”

Azor also mentioned that the upcoming consoles are essentially very similar to Alienware’s own X51.

Source: PCGamesN

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  • St John Grimbly

    X51 = (Better than) Next Gen consoles + More Awesomeness…release a long time ago!

  • brenno

    Similar indeed, Dell. Only they’re selling them for ~$500 as opposed to ~$1500.

    Release an X51 with an i7-4770 and a GTX760 for under grand and you have yourselves a living room console killer.

    And do the Australian X51s really need to be up to $1000 more expensive despite identical internals? Just saying, nobody’s buying them.

  • Still costs you R10k for a Core i3 rig with 4GB RAM and a Geforce GT540, though. I’d say the consoles will fare better.

  • NicoR

    Yea, they just had to get the Alienware name out there.

  • St John Grimbly

    Have you seen the pricing on the new consoles? ~ R7000. Anywho the i3 will knock out intergrated graphics and a GT540 will still beat an intergrated solution(???).

  • NicoR

    Yea, Alienware need to come down with their prices if they want a slice of the pie.

  • A.D.K.

    Nah, people wont buy it. It can do more than just games.

  • Not really. And you’re thinking about the Xbox, which is the weaker and more expensive console. A Core i3 and a GT540 would be able to do, at best, 720p with medium settings on most games. The next-gen consoles will be visually equivalent to today’s games running at full settings on 1080p with a more fluid frame rate to boot.

    For the X51, you’re paying through the nose for the chassis, power supply and custom motherboard.

Consoles becoming PCs: Alienware

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