DirectX 11.2 exclusive to Xbox One, Windows 8.1

Microsoft has announced that DirectX 11.2 is exclusive to the company’s upcoming Xbox One console and their Windows 8.1 operating system.

DirectX 11.2 is the company’s next-generation version of its application programming interface (API) and hardware abstraction layer (HAL).

The announcement came at the BUILD conference this week, where Microsoft’s Antoine Leblond showcased the new version and its features.

DirectX 11.2 is designed to allow a game to harness both system RAM and graphics RAM in order to store textures and game assets. The version’s new Tiled Resources feature is said to “vastly improve” the resolution of textures displayed in-game.

During the demonstration, Leblond used 9GB of texture data with the majority being held by the system RAM and not the graphics RAM.

Leblond confirmed that Direct3D 11.2 will be the first version of the API to support Tiled Resources.

Source: Bit-Tech

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DirectX 11.2 exclusive to Xbox One, Windows 8.1

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