Why no EA Sports Cricket?

EA Cricket

While EA Sports is the king of the sporting genre, there are a number of sports that have been overlooked for the last few years, cricket being one of them; and EA Sports has chimed in on the lack of the ole bat and ball simulation.

EA Sports’ Andrew Wilson was asked why the company doesn’t make a cricket game for emerging markets, even if it is a mobile game.

“A cricket game really needs the sub-continent to make it viable,” said Wilson. “And there is a series of barriers with respect to the economics, infrastructure, the disparity of mobile devices and services there.”

The EA Sports executive vice president did say that if the opportunity presents itself in the right territories, then a new game will be on the cards.

“At the point that comes together, absolutely we’ll do a cricket game,” added Wilson.

Wilson also mentioned that the previous Cricket games “weren’t all that great” and added that maybe there’s “a reinvention there at some time in the future.”

Wilson’s comments would likely to apply to the lack of other sports titles, such as the community’s long-desire to see a return of the EA Rugby franchise.

If you are looking for a cricket fix, 505 Games’ Ashes Cricket 2013 is scheduled for a release in July after being delayed.

Source: MVC

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  • Gareth Thomas

    so in other words we have to wait for the next world cup if we are lucky?

  • Stiggie

    Check out Cricket14 which is fully licenced, better graphics and more gameplay. I’ve heard that 505 is trying trying to take them to court over it, just because they know Cricket 14 will out sell them.

  • Cyb0rt3x

    Slow news day with no real games to cover?

  • Slender Woman

    Rugby and Cricket are the only two sport games which interest me. And they’re the two with the least amount of production

Why no EA Sports Cricket?

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