Best games of 2013, GTA V detail, and mods for jobs

Crysis 3

There was a wealth of gaming news throughout the week, including some big international and local stories.

There were some SA gaming specials announced, some new details for GTA 5, and an impressive Skyrim mod made by a 19-year old.

Metacritic also listed 2013’s best Xbox 360 games and the best PC games, while the world’s highest-earning professional gamers were also revealed.


Metacritic lists Top 25 Xbox 360 Games of 2013 (so far)
Face Noir, Dynasty Warriors 8 release this week
Steam reveals best-selling games of the week
Top 25 PC Games of 2013 (so far)
Highest-paid professional gamers revealed
Weekly digital specials announced


Intel Ivy Bridge-E CPU set to disappoint fans
UltraHD 4K benchmarks: the hardware you’ll need
MSI GTX780 Lightning confirmed for SA, launch date revealed
ASUS MX299Q Ultrawide monitor in SA?
Powerful Atomic HD7990 GPU design and cooler leaked

Local news

SA retailers launch gaming specials
SA to get new movies sooner: Ster Kinekor
Kalahari introduces massive gaming sale
Free Xbox Live Gold promotion for SA

News you should check out

Photo realistic graphics in 10 years: Epic
Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition leaks?
Dead Rising inspires weapon used for gruesome killing
New GTA 5 details emerge
Riot Games beats Google in employee satisfaction survey
PC beats next-gen console game development: survey
Knights of the Old Republic devs working on new IP
Battlefield 4 Collector’s Edition “leaked”
Firefly Online announced
Battlefield 4 single-player details revealed
Insanely priced Watch Dogs Limited Edition revealed
AMD Gaming Evolved: new games announced
Free game offered to celebrate Anomaly 2 release
Skyrim mod created as Bethesda job application
State of Decay PC details revealed
CryEngine coming to Linux
Xbox One play-during-download feature emerges
Xbox One “shame” and the return of digital sharing

Videos you should watch

Watch Dogs PC vs PS4 comparison video released
World domino record toppled, awesome video

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Dota 2
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Xbox One is in trouble

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Best games of 2013, GTA V detail, and mods for jobs

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