World of Warcraft movie footage teased

Warcraft movie

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have teased some footage of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Warcraft.

A lucky attendee from CinemaBlend recalled the short teaser that was shown during the studio’s Comic-Con panel.

“Warrior roaming an empty desert with a shield on his back. Greenish sky is covered by dark clouds and lightning. He sees a pile of armor on the ground and lands down to pick up a shield. He then takes his sword and beats it against the shield, as though calling someone out. We then see a green beast from behind holding a giant hammer. The two circle each other and then both charge. As they are about to collide the title appears: Warcraft.”

Hollywood director Duncan Jones is at the helm of the project, and is best known for his directorial work on Moon and Source Code.

Legendary Pictures have handled other big-scale films, such as The Dark Knight Rises and is also financing the upcoming Godzilla reboot.

The script is being penned by Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond, The Express), but is being kept under wraps as to which WarCraft story it could be inspired from.

Can Jones actually make WarCraft into a great movie? Let us know what you think.

Source: Cinemablend

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  • Pew

    That teaser sounds like one of the videos from the games. Or is it just me…

  • Eric Viljoen

    It does kinda sound like the intro to Reigns of Chaos, yes

  • PuVen

    Lets be honest… if they can make a movie as awesome as all the blizz intro’s, we will watch it…

  • Johan du Preez

    Funny that you mention it Activision did all the Blizzard intro movies back in the day ….

  • Qrox

    They’ve been talking about making a movie about WOW for years now. I just don’t see it ever coming out.

World of Warcraft movie footage teased

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