Introducing Ventus Gaming

Ventus Gaming is a Multi-Gaming Organisation (MGO) comprising of various games on PC and console. Formed in October 2009, Ventus (wind in latin) Gaming has a team for DotA, HoN, Guitar Hero, FIFA 10, Quake Live and Counter Strike, with plans for StarCraft 2, CoD 4 an Bad Company 2 teams in the near future.

Ventus teams

DotA – Previously tankh

•    Anthony ‘scant’ Hodgson (Captain)
•    Mike ‘nakor’ Jones
•    Wessel ‘Freez’ Louwrens
•    Gerrit ‘Death’ Willigenburg
•    Liang ‘Kspr’ Cai

HoN – Previously Kai

•    Sakkie ‘RandomHero’ Basson (Captain)
•    Mark ‘iLLuSioN’ Woodland
•    Nicholas ‘Prodegy’ Bowler
•    Justin ‘smke ‘ Probyn
•    Riaan ‘azN_DoMz’ Visser

Guitar Hero

•    Mark ‘DarthPenguin’ Dennison (Won Guitar Hero SA champs last year. More here)


•    Matthew ‘Cheezy’ Bosch (Winner of the 2009 Telkom/EA FIFA Roadshow and won tickets to see Chelsea vs Arsenal)

Quake Live

•    Henk ‘Adrenalin’ Boshoff
•    Micele ‘Szarko’ Aleksandrov
•    Robert ‘Draven’ Szlanina


•    Connor ‘KING’ Laming
•    Dean ‘HackeM’ Seyfried
•    Jandrey ‘JiN’ Venter
•    Marco ‘Lost’ Fourie
•    Marchant ‘StripflOw’ Laauwen

Ventus are aiming to grow E-Sports in SA, and plan on expanding their teams into different divisions.

Ventus is currently sponsored the following:

Web Africa: 11x Unshaped accounts with 12GB each. Pings to UK servers are averaged at 180ms which makes it possible to compete against teams from Europe and gain international experience.

Cooler Master: 5x Cosmos Sport Chassis valued at R2200 each, 5x Hyper212plus fans, 5x 1100W

Samsung: 5x Samsung XL2370 HD 23″ TFT LCD Screens. (In association with Rectron)

Clans-SA: designed and host Ventus website.


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Introducing Ventus Gaming