Gamer leaves sick mother to die

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A Taiwanese man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for letting his sick mother starve to death and her body to become infested with maggots.

Chang Chih-chiang, 36, was convicted and sentenced on Wednesday on charges of abandoning his mother, resulting in her death, the high court said. He can appeal the ruling.

The case came to light after Chang’s wife contacted the police in August last year when she found her diabetic, bedridden mother-in-law dead in their apartment in northern Taiwan.

When officers arrived they discovered the body, which weighed less than 30 kilogrammes (66 pounds), infested with maggots in a room littered with trash.

The coroner estimated that the 53-year-old had been dead for more than a week, and that she had not had any food for at least five days prior to her death.

Local media have reported that Chang liked to spend his time playing computer games at Internet caf├ęs, and that he ignored his sick mother even though they lived together.

Cases of abuse and abandonment of senior citizens have been on the rise in Taiwan in recent years, prompting lawmakers to propose a bill to jail adults who fail to look after their elderly parents.

People aged 65 and over account for 10.7 percent of Taiwan’s population of 23 million, the latest census showed, above the 7.0 percent level at which a society is defined as “ageing” by the World Health Organisation.

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  • ebi

    sick MF

  • Vorastra

    “..Chang Chih-chiang, 36..”
    Thirty-six, this guy is 36. Is he a moron ?

  • Space_Chief

    You get hikkis at this age too. This guy was a cyber cafe hikki.

    Some people really get into their gaming. Talk about having ones’ priorities messed up. Poor mother.

  • Xileer

    So, he stayed at the cyber cafe for 12+ days (Dead for a week + no food for 5 days prior), and his mother-in-law lacked any means of communication (Phone and / or yelling), AND he was the sole care-taker of said mother, even though people knew that he was neglectful (As mentioned by the ‘Local news’)… ? I have a funny feeling this is another “Blame it on computers” article, and we’re missing some other vital information….

  • Xileer

    I doubt he was into necrophilia…

Gamer leaves sick mother to die

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