Carmack tight-lipped on Doom 4

While everyone thought that QuakeCon could have shed some light on id Software’s next instalment in the Doom franchise, the studio’s co-founder John Carmack was keeping quiet on the matter.

“I can’t,” Carmack said when asked about news on Doom 4’s development, “I actually asked about whether I could say anything related to the development, and the answer was, no, I couldn’t.”

Id Software creative director Tim Willits was also probed for any details, asking if QuakeCon 2013 would be the last event to not show anything related to Doom 4.

“That’s a funny question, you know? It’s a tricky question. I’ll just leave it at that,” said Willits.

Prior to E3, Bethesda had posted an update on the development status of Doom 4, lending to the idea that maybe – just maybe – something Doom related would pop up at E3.

Well, there was nothing. No news from Bethesda on the long-awaited sequel, which is now scheduled for next-gen consoles.

If you want something to direct anger towards, look at id Software’s other project Rage, which was said to have caused the id team to neglect Doom 4 during the development of Rage.

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Carmack tight-lipped on Doom 4

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