We’re not trying to rip gamers off: Megarom manager

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Megarom’s PR and Promotions Manager Devon Stanton has taken to YouTube to discuss the issue of game prices and the gaming community’s response to SA distributors.

Speaking in a personal capacity, Stanton elaborates on the perception that the community sees Megarom as a contributor to the high cost of games in SA, and says that the community often doesn’t understand the business aspects of game distribution in SA.

Other industry matters are also discussed, saying that Megarom is in constant discussions with publishers to get game prices down, even incurring a loss due to it.

“There are games that we’ve made a loss on, as we’ve brought [the price] down as much as we could and couldn’t sell through the numbers we needed to break even.”

Watch the video and let us know what you think of local game pricing.

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We’re not trying to rip gamers off: Megarom manager

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