COD devs feel “camaraderie” towards Battlefield devs

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One of the most publicised rivalries in the gaming industry is between the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises, as both series often go head-to-head in the holiday periods, but the developers behind COD don’t see it as a rivalry at all.

Infinity Ward producer Mark Rubin, who is currently working on the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, says that the competition between the team over at DICE and Infinity Ward is great for the genre, and the marketing departments are the only ones who are really competing.

“It’s less antagonistic, from a developer’s side – sure marketing and stuff is all [about that] but on a developer’s side it’s like, ‘Oh, did you see that stuff they’re doing? That’s so cool!’ We could do something that’s like this and that and we get excited about seeing that kind of stuff,” Rubin said.

“So from a developer’s side, it definitely pushes us [to do better]. But it pushes us in a – I don’t know if other studios feel this way – but I hope in a sort of camaraderie type sense,” he added. “‘Oh, those guys are doing awesome stuff. Let’s jack up our game.’ But not like two opposing teams. Rather, like the same team pushing in the same direction.”

It’s good to hear that both teams admire one another’s work, now if only the BF community could admire the COD knife-throwing, and the COD faction to appreciate some great jet manoeuvring in Battlefield.


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COD devs feel “camaraderie” towards Battlefield devs

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